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My Girlfriend is an Alien Episode 21

Fang Leng and Fang Lie into the enemy Jiang Xue joint Fangmu secretly trapped cold

Fang Leng remembered the things of the past.The relationship betweenhim and Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Lie was only a good friend in Xiao Qi’s heart, but she did not promise to be cold. Maybe she would not be afraid of being hurt when she waited for another day. Will you accept the party cold. Fang Lie’s mood was very sad. He looked at his brother Fang Leng and still loved Xiaoqi, and his mood could not be said.

Jiang Xue ’s mother-in-law met at the coffee shop. She recorded the investigation of her cold consultation to the mother-in-law, and she intended to punish the coldness of the bottom, and finally let the party cool back to her side.

Fang Leng will clean up and find Xiaoqi in the morning. Now he is relaxed and decided to establish a relationship with Xiaoqi before Fang Shida started. Fang Leng waited early in the same morning as Xiaoqimenkou, and also took Xiaoqi’s hand to personally send her to work. No matter how his colleagues cast their strange eyes, Xiaoqi felt very embarrassed, but he was very happy in his heart. Fang Lie saw Xiaoqi and Fang Leng holding hands and feeling lost at once.

Xiao Qi went to Fang Lie’s office and apologized for what he said before he left. Fang Lie took the courage to confess with Xiao Qi. He said this way to slowly like Xiao Qi. Xiaoqi was very young. She told Fang Lie that she liked him very much before, but only because he looked good, but now they are completely impossible. After that, they quickly fled. Xiaoqi felt very puzzled. Suddenly both of their brothers confessed to themselves. She decided to keep hiding from them until they died.

After work hours, Fang cold ordered a restaurant in the company downstairs and other small seven, Xiaoqi lied that he was busy rejecting him. Fang Lie ran out and said that he had something to talk to. The two went to a quiet place. Fang Lie frankly liked Xiao Qi himself, decided to compete fairly with his brother, and faced the small seven and the two.
The mother gave the younger brother the information of Fang Leng’s hidden illness, and planned to find an opportunity to burst out.

The mother’s heart suddenly became uneasy, but when she thought of Fang Lie’s future, she had to do so. Fang Lie is going to find Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi has not escaped from lie and said that he is going to see the customer. Fang Lie said that he had carried her, and Fang Leng also came to Xiaoqi, so the two brothers competed to take Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi is hard to die. In the end, Fang Fang’s car is sitting cold and the three are going together.

Xiaoqi took Fang Leng and Fang Lie to play tennis together. In order to perform in front of Xiaoqi, the two brothers were in a position to gain. Xiaoqi used the super power to beat the two brothers. Fang Lie heard Xiaoqi. The customer will have to wait for three hours to come, and immediately take the call and walk away. Fang Leng knew that Xiaoqi wanted to get rid of them. His heart suddenly cramped. He told Xiaoqi that even if he had pain, he would have to fight because he could not give her to Fang Lie.

Xiaoqi heard that Fang Leng said this, and his heart was touched, but he still said that he would find a way to let them know. Fang Leng asked Xiaoqi before the perfume she developed before. He heard that the perfume was made for him. He didn’t understand why Xiaoqi suddenly pushed him away. Fang Lie came back with water and saw the two talking. He walked away silently. Xiaoqi answered that she was too tired. She just wanted to stop and look for herself. Fang agreed to her, saying that she would not come to her again during this time, nor interfere with who she was with, but she would wait for her. Waiting for her day to look back.

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