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What is Cosmetics Makeup?

Cosmetics, also known as make-up, are substances or products used to enhance the appearance or aroma of the body. Many cosmetics are designed for use on the face and hair. In the 21st century, most women use cosmetics more than men. They are usually a mixture of chemicals; Some are derived from natural sources. (Such as coconut oil) and some are synthetic General cosmetics including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation cream, skin cleanser and body lotion, shampoo, hair products (gels, hair sprays, etc.), perfume and cologne.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that regulates cosmetics determines cosmetics as “Its purpose is to be applied to the human body for cleaning, decorating, enhancing interest, or changing its characteristics without affecting the structure or function of the body.” This broad definition includes any content intended to be used as a component. Of cosmetic products The FDA has specified not to include soaps from this category.

Cosmetics category are intended for external use.They include, but are not limited to, products that can be applied to the face, including skin creams, lipstick, eyes and cosmetics, towels and contact lenses with body colors: deodorant, lotion, powder, perfume. , Baby products, bath oils, foaming baths, bath salts and body butter to hands / nails: nails and toes Hand sanitizer and gel; To hair: permanent chemicals, hair coloring, hairspray and gel One set of cosmetics is called “Makeup” means a colored product whose sole purpose is to change the appearance of the user. Manufacturers may differentiate between “decorating” and “caring” cosmetics.

Cosmetics intended for use on the face and eyes are usually used with a makeup brush, sponge, or fingertip. Most cosmetics are unique to the area the body needs for use. The foundation comes in a formula to suit each skin type. Most of them are aimed at reducing the appearance of pore sizes, extending the makeup life and helping the makeup to be smoother. Apply foundation before applying foundation or eyeshadow, depending on where the primer should be applied Lipstick, lip gloss, lip brush, lip stain, lip stain, lip cream, lip primer, lip gloss and lipstick

It aims to add color and texture to the lips and often comes in many colors, like satin matte finish and luster. Grease stains contain water or a gel base and may contain alcohol to help the product stay out of the matte appearance. They temporarily saturated the lips with a dye. Designed to be waterproof, the product may come with a roller brush or may be used with fingers. The lip gloss is intended to add shine to the lips and may increase the color tone, including having a fragrance or a fun scent. Lip balm is often used to moisturize the color and protect the lips. Some brands have sunscreen.

Make-up makeup conceal imperfections of the skin Concealer is often used for any special coverage needed to conceal dark spots, undereye circles, and other imperfections. Concealers are usually thicker and harder than foundation and provide longer coverage. Some formulas are for the eyes only or for the face only. This product can also be used for facial contours such as nose, cheekbones and jaw to enhance the look that is defined for the entire face. Used as a foundation to cover the face and dark spots, acne, blemishes or uneven skin. These are sold in liquid, cream or powder, or most recently mousse. The foundation provides protection from sideways to washable or full.

The primer can be applied before or after applying the foundation to make the skin smooth. Some primers come in powder or liquid form to be used before the foundation is the base, while other primers come as a spray to Use after foundation to define makeup and help it take a long time throughout the day. Foundation powder defines the foundation to the side surfaces and to cover minor defects or acne. It can also be used to bake the foundation to stay longer. The foundation powder can be worn alone as well as the light foundation so that the face is full of looks that are not as fading as it should be.

An eyeliner or blush is the cheek color to get the color out of the cheek and make the cheekbones appear. Rouge comes in the form of powder and liquid. Different blush colors are used for different skin tones. Context powders and creams are used to define the face. They can give the illusion of a thin face or alter the appearance of the face in other desired ways.Usually they have less hues than skin tones and matte finishs.Borders create an illusion of depth. Dark foundation / concealer can be used instead of line products for the same purpose.

Highlights used to draw attention to the highest point of the face, including adding sparkle to form liquid, cream and powder. It often has substances to make them glitter. A lightweight foundation or concealer can be used. The bronzer helps to brighten the skin by adding a golden or bronze glow and highlighting the cheekbones, as well as using it for the bronzer contour. Can be used for everyday wear. Bronzer helps to brighten the face while adding a smooth, clear look.

Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or draw attention to eyelashes. Available in many colors. Some types of mascara, including glitter glasses There are many formulas, including waterproof versions for people who have allergies or sudden tears. It is often used after curling hair and mascara primer.

Using eye shadow Broadway actor Jim Brochu uses makeup before the show’s opening. Chin mask called chutti for Kathakali performing arts in Kerala, India. Considered as the thickest cosmetic used with any art form, eyes are used to increase and lengthen the sharpness or depth of the eyes. For example, the white eyeliner on the horizon and the inner corner of the eye makes the eyes look bigger and more alert. It can come in the form of a pencil, gel or liquid and can be found in almost every color. Eyebrow pencil, cream, wax, gel and powder. Apply color to fill and define eyebrows. Nail polish is used to polish nails, nails and toenails, transparent, color models may strengthen nails or a layer or base coating to protect nails or polish.

The use of spray is the final step in make-up. Use makeup for a long time The alternative to spray settings is powder setting, which may be colored or translucent. Both of these products are claimed to help make up from absorbing or melting into the skin. Use fake eyelashes when wanting too many lashes. Their basic designs often consist of human hair or synthetic materials that are attached to a thin strip of fabric, which is used to glue to the nerves. Designs have different lengths and colors. Marbles, jewels and even feathers and lace occur on some false eyelash designs.

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