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The Princess Marriage Third: You Are Dead

The Princess Marriage Three: You Are Dead (Novel)
Other Name: 公主三嫁:首辅大人你死定了

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Jiang An Wei’an
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Zhao Qingyun and Feng Tianmu, she is the first regent princess of the dynasty, he is the first assistant of the dynasty, but He ruined her wedding twice in a row, leaving her shameless. In order to get back the place she had lost before, she decided to take down this man desperately…

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As soon as the voice fell, the first group of guards tied themselves to the huge kite and jumped off the steep cliff. Borrowing the power of the wind, the kite did not fall rapidly, but soared in the air like an eagle and gradually landed. A Zhao tied the kite for Zhao Qingyun, and then said, “Your Royal Highness, your subordinates will enter the city and wait for you.”

After that, she also jumped down.

Zhao Qingyun smiled slightly and jumped down. They entered the city quietly tonight. As long as they live and hide for one night, they can go straight to the Xixia Capital tomorrow and see Feng Tianmu as soon as possible. At the thought of this, her heart felt a little relieved.

The kite landed gradually, and Zhao Qingyun finally landed in a dark alley, but it was very hidden. She simply found a place to sit down in that alley.

She was not worried that A Zhao could not find herself, because Costin would bring A Zhao over. As for the others, they have already said before entering the city that the only way to the Xixia Capital City will converge outside the city tomorrow.

Sure enough, A Zhao found her soon, her voice was low, “Your Royal Highness, it’s a bit cold here, should we change the place?”

“It’s concealed enough here, it will happen overnight, and there is no need to change it.”

Hearing this, A Zhao didn’t say much, just grabbed Zhao Qingyun’s cold hand and put it in his arms, trying to warm her up with his body temperature.

Zhao Qingyun pulled his hand back, “Azhao, this palace has been stationed at the border of severe cold for many years, so you are not afraid of the cold. You don’t have to be like this.”

“No!” Ah Zhao said resolutely, “Jiang Ju’an once said that the cold poison in the princess once hurt the woman’s roots. If you want a chance to be cured, you must not be cold in the future.” They are destined to be here tonight. It was freezing here, she only hoped that she would make Zhao Qingyun warmer.

Zhao Qingyun smiled, “It is an honor to have a caring guard like you in my life.”

“It is an honor for her subordinates to be able to follow Her Royal Highness all the time.” Without Zhao Qingyun, she would have never known where she died, so how could she still be the one she is today? The kindness Zhao Qingyun gave her, she will never end her whole life.

After that, A Zhao put the hand that grabbed Zhao Qingyun into his arms again. This time, Zhao Qingyun never refused.

After a while, Ah Zhao suddenly said, “His Royal Highness, it is said that the soles of the feet are the source of the body, should you warm your feet again?”

“No need.” Zhao Qingyun said, “My boots have thick fur, which is very warm.”


“Of course it is true, more real than real gold.”

Seeing that Zhao Qingyun was so determined, Ah Zhao was relieved, “His Royal Highness, it’s still some time before dawn, you might as well squint on the shoulders of your subordinates for a while.”

“I have slept in this palace during the day, and I am not sleepy now.” Zhao Qingyun said slowly, “Azhao, speak with this palace.”

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