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Starcraft Master

Starcraft Master (Novel)
Other Name: 星际全职业大师

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Zhou Xing
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Lin Ning, he is a genius boy, with the help of a smart chip, began an exciting adventure. He overcame many difficulties and dangers, became an outstanding space captain, and proficient in various professions, became an unprecedented interstellar master of all professions…

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“Lin Ning, should we buy some sampan accessories from a big head now?”

When Zeng Rou returned to school, she thought of the big head repairing the sampan for the first time. Last time Lin Ning just bought some cheap parts to assemble the sampan. It was so powerful. She believed that this time Lin Ning could assemble a sampan. A powerful sampan.

Lin Ning looked around and Zeng Rou said happily: “Since you have said so, let’s go now. I have assembled the sampan and I still need to go to the Rapid Space Club to test its speed, Wang’s thunderstorm sampan. The product is indeed a stumbling block that cannot be underestimated.”

After speaking, Lin Ning took Zeng Rou to the outside of the school.

“Yeah.” When Lin Ning caught her hand in this way, Zeng Rou blushed and gave a hot hum, but she was embarrassed to refuse and could only follow Lin Ning stupidly.

“Hey, why are you walking so slowly?” Lin Ning murmured, then turned to look at Zeng Rou who was shy. Now Zeng Rou’s white cheeks are red, like a ripe red apple. People can’t wait for the urge to kiss.

“Well, it’s not good for your hand to be seen in the public.” Zeng Rou said in a low voice, and then her little head looked left and right around. She was afraid that other classmates would see them so close. She was most afraid Gossip has gone.

“Well, I’m sorry, I apologize to you for my recklessness.” Lin Ning immediately let go of catching Zeng Rou’s big hand. He also unintentionally held her hand just now. It was definitely not intentional, it should be said to be a kind of right. Zeng Rou’s trust, otherwise he wouldn’t be so close to Zeng Rou.

Zeng Rou looked at Lin Ning’s pure and thick face and whispered: “Lin Ning, let’s go. This time, let’s take my flying car to find the big head. Anyway, don’t sit in white or sit in white.” Zeng Rou finished the first. She walked outside the school gate, and her beloved flying car was parked in the parking space outside.

“Just do what you say, it’s up to you haha.” Lin Ning looked at Zeng Rou’s lovely appearance in full bloom, couldn’t help laughing, facing Zeng Rou’s angelic smile, even though he was so cold. People are melted.

Flying cars are the means of transportation on the planet. Generally, the worst flying cars need more than one million stars. Therefore, those who can own flying cars are definitely rich or expensive.

Although Lin Ning is now able to buy a medium flying car, he is not willing to waste money so much.

He would rather use the money to help orphans like him, at least so that they can eat, no longer have to worry about going hungry tomorrow.

His previous requirement was simple, that was enough to eat three meals a day, but now it is different. Now he is the coach of the Rapid Space Club, and his Bumblebee sampan is about to be mass-produced. All the money will be It is his future capital.

Lin Ning is now a high school student, but he is about to enter a higher level of education. He also hopes that he can enter the famous strategy academy in the galaxy in the future.

This year is his birth year for the college entrance examination. Whether he can be admitted to the prestigious strategic college of the galaxy depends on his own efforts.

Lin Ning and Zeng Rou are both 18 or 9-year-old passionate young people. Even his teacher, Su Xue, is just a fresh graduate from university, about four or five years older than Lin Ning.

The prestigious School of Strategy of the Galaxy is a well-respected school. There are tens of millions of new students who apply for the School of Strategy every year. The number of new students who can enter the School of Strategy of the Galaxy is only about a thousand. The enrollment rate of this one in ten thousand is definitely The legend of the entire galaxy.

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