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Republic of China’s Hegemony: Xiaoxiao, your wife is wearing it again

Republic of China’s Hegemony: Xiaoxiao, your wife is wearing it again (Novel)
Other Name: 民国霸爱:枭少,你家夫人又穿了

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Zi Ran
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Lu Wanqing Ling Xiao, she is the most proud work of her adoptive father, and she is the fearsome poisonous snake in the organization. . Unexpectedly but accidentally traversed, the resolute and resolute Yu Jie Fan turned into a stupid Lori style… What made her angry is that there is still an ice cube face that is rampant and domineering at her…

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“Boy, don’t be nosy.” Although Wumen’s name is loud, he can’t compete with the Qing Gang, so Ling Xiao didn’t put Wu Sheng in his eyes, not to mention he threatened to take Shen Xiang away. He doesn’t have to be polite to him. Wu Sheng didn’t get angry after hearing it, but instead smiled heartily, and said: “I’m taking care of this nosy today.” Since childhood, his father taught them two brothers and sisters, to help the strong and the weak, and hate evil, since let him encounter this today. How could he watch this matter of robbing people’s girls with cold eyes?

“Are you sure?” Ling Xiao sneered, there is no one in this world who can snatch something from him, maybe someone in the martial arts can impress him.

“I’m not talented at the bottom, I’m willing to try my best.” After Wu Sheng finished speaking, he no longer squeezed, and jumped off the low wall with his qi, and directly attacked his bottom plate.

Ling Xiao challenged quickly, without any ambiguity.

“Is this a fight?” Lu Wanqing saw that the young man’s moves were good, Zhang Chi had a degree, Kong Wu had a strong force, and Ling Xiao had a difficult time to distinguish the outcome. But seeing the two people come and go, hundreds of moves passed in every minute. Although she couldn’t call the names of those moves, she found it enjoyable just by looking at it, and she was able to cry out for a moment: “Hey, the young man is good! , I’ll go with you if I win.”

In fact, it’s okay if she didn’t call her name. Ling Xiao only regarded it as a Wuhui friend, and had never thought of making a ruthless hand, but he only felt an eyesore to make this woman who didn’t know the so-called provocation.

Wrong, it is very eye-catching.

At the moment, Ling Xiao’s tricks immediately became fierce, fast and ruthless, and they attacked him frequently. Although they were not enough to be deadly, they were already dangerous. A little carelessness would fill the market. All lose.

Who is this person? Where do you learn from? Why has he never heard of him? Has he been too ignorant and ignorant?

Wu Sheng has been able to cope with ease from the beginning to the present sigh, and his emotions have also started to fluctuate greatly. The movements on his hands are no longer easy to handle, and become slow and obscure. After hundreds of moves, victory or defeat is a foregone conclusion .

“Brother is good at skill, the younger brother is willing to lose, and he is convinced to lose.” Wumen middleman, he has always acted upright and upright, even if he loses, he has to lose his life.

“How do you call Xiongtai?” Even though he lost the fight, Wu Sheng still admired him in his heart, and his respect for him emerged spontaneously.

“Ling Xiao.” Seeing him concede defeat, Ling Xiao also made a compliment in return. He was regarded as a Wuhui friend, so he made a false move.

“What’s the situation? Is this the end of the fight?” Lu Wanqing jumped anxiously as she looked at the two who had gone from dry fight to familiarity! Knowing that her bet was on the kid, she didn’t expect to be able to beat that ice cube face and forget it, and she actually called him a brother. Why does this make her feel so embarrassing?

“Why don’t you come here?” Ling Xiao was also stubborn. Anyway, they would fight one or two, and he would accept them as they were in groups or by themselves.

“Don’t…” Lu Wanqing shook his head like a rattle. Forget it, the young man has no chance of winning, let alone her. It’s better to go back obediently with him, and it is not too late for her to run away when the time is right. Anyway, she has already managed to escape once, afraid that she won’t find a chance in the future?

“Girl, haven’t you asked Fang Ming?” Wu Sheng asked when she entered the car door: “If the girl is willing, your agreement with me will still work.”

This guy is not good at martial arts, but he is righteous, and he said he would take her away, but he really didn’t give up.

“Call me Lu… er, call me Shen Xiang.” It seems that I still haven’t adapted to this identity, and almost made a mistake.

“I remember, Miss Shen, there will be a period of time later.” Wu Sheng fisted at her to bid farewell, and Lu Wanqing looked back at him. He didn’t know that they thought they were reluctant to leave. It was inexplicable, but she was silent to him. Meet for help.

Ling Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore. He rudely stuffed Lu Wanqing into the car, and then closed the door hard to isolate her from everything outside. After he got into the car on the other side, the driver quickly started the engine. After a roar, the car disappeared without a trace.

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