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Nine Kilometers of Love Episode 24 End

Lin Zhun Xiang Cheng Orange reveals the heart of the sound course orange test on the pilot to study abroad

When Meng Yan and Jiang Yiming came to the riverside, Meng Yan asked Jiang Yiming why he wanted to protect himself. Jiang Yiming, who had a hard mouth, said that he was just doing justice. He was too shy to tell Mengchao that he liked her, and finally Menghua took the initiative to move forward. Gently kissed Jiang Yiming. Meng Yan took the initiative to kiss himself and made Jiang Yiming happy and nervous. He gently kissed back, and the two therefore determined the true relationship between men and women.

After careful thinking, Cheng Orange gradually understood his fault. She knows her deep love for the aviation industry. She also knows that she is maturing step by step. As Lin Zhun said, time is a cure for everything. Cheng Orange received an offer letter from Pengcheng Aviation Human Resources. She was so excited that she could not believe the good news she had heard. After constant efforts and hard work, she finally ushered in the dawn she wanted. She became the first female pilot in the Flying Pipe Department to become a small fly. She became theprideof Wu , the envy of the members of the all-flight management department.

Suddenly, she remembered the gratitude of her mother. Cheng Orange decided to come to the mother’s tomb and report to her mother about her achievements. She knows that her mother is painstaking about herself. She knows the mother’s hardships of sending herself to live thousands of miles away. She knows that it is not easy to walk step by step. Cheng Orange thought about it and shed tears of gratitude to his mother.

Lin Shu took his son Lin Shu to talk, he encouraged his son to continue to pursue his own happiness, and also apologized to Lin Shu for the grievances of the older generation, Lin Forg forgive his father, and for the first time felt his father’s recognition of himself, father Under the encouragement, Lin Shu intends to save the orange again.

Zhou Yuhang and Chen Jingyan drove the same plane, and the two refused to speak on the plane. When they were waiting to return to the hotel after getting off the plane, the hotel’s fire alarm suddenly rang. Zhou Yuhang, who had just washed out and rushed out, remembered Chen Jingyan for the first time, so he quickly went to Chen Jingyan’s room, but no one responded. Zhou Yuhang was afraid that Chen Jingyan was trapped in the room. He ran into the door and ran in, but he did not see Chen Jingyan.

When Zhou Yuhang could not find her trace, she decided to return to the room where Chen Jingyan was located. However, he fluttered like a headless fly. In the end, Chen Jingyan came back from the outside. She did not know what happened here. She looked at Zhou Yuhang’s anxious expression and a quick figure. She put down all the grievances and flew in the arms of Zhou Yuhang. The two eventually defeated the thorns and difficulties on the road of love and walked along the way.

Lin Shu privately found Cheng Orange and handed over his agreement to give up the supervision. Cheng Orange was actually very grateful to Lin Shu for taking care of himself during this time. Now she is admitted to the pilot and she does not intend to be used for these old things. Holding her footsteps, she decided to bravely look forward. Lin Shu learned that Cheng Orange was temporarily living in Chen Jingyan’s home, and he came in the rain. Cheng Orange sees Lin Shulin Yu is still somewhat distressed, but she said that she only wants to be a flight student for the time being. After all, she still has to go abroad for a few years. She does not want to be caught by her feelings, so she refused Lin Shu for her pain. Lin Shu sees that Cheng Orange has made up his mind and can only give up temporarily.

Cheng Orange went abroad for a period of study. Everyone is very reluctant to leave Orange. Many pilots who work together have chosen to send the Orange. Cheng Orange said goodbye to everyone. However, she could not see the familiar figure. In the end, she left in disappointment. However, she did not know that Lin Shu did not want her to have too many distractions and jealousy. Lin Shu chose this flight mission and personally sent Cheng Orange to fly abroad.

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