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Nine Kilometers of Love Episode 18 Plot

Lin Shu went to Meng’s home to see her. Meng Yan didn’t want her mother to say something messy. She took Lin Shu to talk outside. Lin Shu expressed his position to Meng Chen. He could not promise to burn love, but also I must not give up the friendship between the two people for many years, and the two are still colleagues. Lin Shu feels that he and Meng Yan are not helping and being helped. It is just that based on Meng Ding’s current situation, he can’t stand by.

Meng Yan is very grateful to Lin Shu for being able to make a clear statement. She is only worried that her mother will be entangled in Lin Shu. Meng Hui hopes that Lin Shu is in his mother. She must stand firm and not let her mother feel that Lin Shu is the savior. On one’s own ability, one day I can take my parents to leave the village in the city and live in a big house. Lin Shu gives her a hug. As a friend’s care and encouragement, she did not expect to be seen by Jiang Yiming who came to Mengchao . Jiang Yiming misunderstood the relationship between the two and left in anger.
Cheng Orange has gone through several flight tests. After five passes, the sixth will, Cheng Orange finally ushered in his own interview.

In the evening, she tried hard to review her homework. Lin Shu saw the hard work of Cheng Orange and called Cheng Orange upstairs. Lin Shu decided to interview Cheng Orange first and check for missing her. Lin Shu gave Cheng Orange the action essentials over and over again. When I was not careful, Lin Shu messed up the hair of Cheng Orange. Lin Shu carefully gave Cheng Orange his hair and looked at the lovely appearance of Cheng Orange. Lin Shu suddenly stopped. Lin Shu looked at Cheng Orange with a silly look, and he liked it very much.

Soon after, the flight 235 of Chen Jingyan’s captain and Lin Shu’s flight was really interviewed by the flight control department. At the meeting, a serious atmosphere enveloped the faces of several people. They listened carefully to the recordings uploaded by the plane. It turns out that the freshmen of the Flying Tube Department have not experienced the experience of dealing with such an emergency. In the foggy weather, the flight command of the aircraft was misjudged, which led to the two planes being dangerous. Although, Captain Chen Jingyan and Lin Shu do not want to spread this matter to worry about their relatives and friends. However, the news is still gone. The news spread in the company. The company’s colleagues thought that this happened to the aircraft caused by Lin Shu’s wrong operation.

Lin Shu accompanied Cheng Huang for a medical examination. At this time, Jiang Yiming took the medicine together with Meng Yan in the hospital. Meng Yan carefully took the big cockroach medicine that Jiang Yiming took out and walked out. However, when she came to Jiang Yiming, the medicine accidentally fell to the ground. After seeing Lin Shu, he accused Jiang Yiming. When the two were quarreling, Cheng Orange screamed away. Lin Shuyi accidentally said the situation in the Meng burning home. At this time, Jiang Yiming knew that he had misunderstood Meng.

In the evening, Cheng Cheng was drinking at the bar. Just as Jiang Yiming was drinking at the bar, Jiang Yiming took the initiative to say hello. He also said that Lin Shu’s plane almost hit other planes. Cheng Cheng was worried that he would open the phone and see Lin Shu She sent countless messages and made a lot of calls. She didn’t reply at all. Cheng Cheng was busy leaving the bar to find Lin Shu.

There was a downpour outside, and Lin Shu was on the street near the bar. Everyone inquired about the whereabouts of Cheng Cheng. Cheng Cheng saw Lin Shu’s worried look at the street. He was very moved. Lin Shu also saw the opposite Cheng Cheng, Lin. I will explain that Meng Cheng’s father is sick. Cheng Cheng doesn’t care about this now. She cares about Lin’s accident and didn’t tell her. She hopes Lin Shu’s peace and safety, so that she can take care of her all the time. Lin Shu also goes to Cheng Cheng. To confess, Cheng Cheng has been around him for the rest of his life. The two confessed to each other in the rain and kissed. Since then, Lin Shu has a caring. He began to diligently take care of the life of the starting orange. From a handsome young man in the sun to a warm man.

At this time, Jiang Yiming tried every means and wanted to apologize to Meng. He knew that he had broken the heart of Meng burning in the hospital that day. However, Jiang Yiming untied the stagnation of the siege, and his heart was much more cheerful.

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