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Lone Boat One Series Luoyang

Lone Boat One Series Luoyang (Novel)
Other Name: 孤舟一系洛阳边

Genre: novel, historical novel
Author: Jiu Xiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Han Suyi Yuanxun, a world of heaven and earth, locks young girls in love. A wall of Zhu, cherished by love. Outside Pingcheng Temple, the palace falls on New Year’s Eve. The flowers fell helplessly, and the flowing water did not return. Han Jia Suyi Gao Jiaying, the wind and smoke in Yaoguang Temple set off a curtain of yellow flowers all over the ground.

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The fingertips are lightly hooked, and the zheng sound is like a gurgling water flowing out of the space, like a melody, clear music and lingering, and the flowers fall in between, with its own beauty. Shallowly sing: “A song “Long Lovesickness”, I send my heart: I only wish that there is no separation, and I will remember the longest time with the king. The king knows what I want, and it is endless…”

Suddenly the sound of the piano stopped abruptly, and Su Yi’s hand covered it to stop the humming and trembling of the strings. She lifted her head and smiled slightly: “It’s not advisable to listen to the utterly depressed voice.”

Yuan Xun hummed lightly: “Then you still play.”

Su Yi raised her eyebrows: “I just want to hang you.” After thinking about it, she smiled slightly and said softly: “Actually, I sang the wrong song. The original word was “Long Lovesick”. I only wish that there is no separation, and I will remember Lang Chang, and Lang knows what I mean… it’s endless.'”

Yuan Xun didn’t look at her, but turned slightly to face the wall behind the bed. After a while, he asked, “Why did they agree that you brought Qin in?”

Su Yi said: “You have faced the wall and thought about not being imprisoned, and what you have thought about is you, not me.” She removed her armor, took out a handkerchief from her sleeve and handed it out: “Here, I’m afraid you are crying, borrow You make it.”

He took it dumbfoundingly, and Yuan Xun glanced at the branch embroidered on the veil and knew that Suyi had given it to him specially, but it was a pity to say. He smiled and smeared his face indiscriminately, and then hurriedly put it into his arms: “It’s dirty! I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it, just give it to me!”

“You want to be beautiful!” Su Yi reached out and grabbed it. “Give it back to me!”

Yuan Xun quickly grabbed Su Yi’s hand and said, “Xiao Yi’er is the best and the best! Give it to me!”

The sound of laughter and laughter faintly spread, rippling in the world of Beppu.

The morning sun was graciously scattered all over the courtyard, and Su Lin changed his face wash for the third time. Yuan Xun still refused to take it up. She couldn’t bear it. Su Lin lifted Yuan Xun’s quilt: “Get out!”

Yuan Xun took care of his messy sleeping clothes, and muttered: “Originally, Gao Daoyue didn’t call me so early…”

Su Yi said coldly: “Gao Daoyue? He is used to your stinky troubles to make your lazy name known far and wide! I don’t even know it after being in a pit!”

Yuan Xun sighed: “I know. But, but I can’t change it for a while, anyway, there is nothing to do, so you can let me rest lonely for a while! When someone asks, you just say I’m studying Buddha and thinking about it. “

Su Yi rolled her eyes and said, “I’m going to lie again? It’s really ruining my fame!” Although she said that, she opened the door of the cabinet to reveal the Buddha statue, opened the scripture, spread it out, and lighted three incense sticks. Finally, after thinking about it, I closed the cabinet door. “When the Buddha saw, I am ashamed for you.”

In less than a moment, a sharp voice of the eunuch prolonged and pierced the otherwise tranquil sky: “The imperial decree is here—the prince takes it—”

Su Li was sweeping the ground in the yard. Hearing the sound, he hurriedly put down his broom and prepared to go to mop and dragged people up, but before turning his head back, he heard a “bang” behind him, and Yuan Xun walked out neatly with his clothes.

Su Yi put his heart down. If the person who delivered the decree could not wait for Yuan Xun, he would definitely feel that he was neglected, and when he went back, he had to add fuel and vinegar to fan the flames before his Majesty. Yuan Xun’s loss now is that he is not by his Majesty’s side. This disadvantage is simply a disadvantage. It’s being slaughtered by others, and the emperor is far away. Didn’t others say what the emperor listened to? There is no room for excuse. Su Yi followed up with broken steps and said, “You are fast.”

Yuan Xun lowered his head: “Actually, I haven’t slept very well these days. Now that my father-in-law is coming to deliver an decree, I think it’s not good news. I, I suddenly woke up.”

In fact, if talking about fright, perhaps Han Xiu was not less affected than Yuan Xun. Suddenly, His Majesty summoned the ministers in the Qinghui Hall to discuss the abolition of the Chu Chu and the re-establishment, which hit everyone by surprise. As soon as the emperor’s words came out, everyone felt the weight of it-your majesty, this is a stern heart to abolish the prince! The upper and lower sides of the palace are also very strict, and there is no sound of wind through so many days. The old officials of Xianbei were sitting on pins and needles in the hall, with cold sweat, and then a few thumps made them tremble. Looking back, Sikong, Prince Tai Fu Muliang, Shang Shupushe and Shaobao Li Chong had all knelt to the ground.

No one dared to look up at the emperor. But listening to his voice was extremely stable, it seemed that his son was not uncomfortable when he was scrapped, and even more relaxed than the ministers, everyone knew that the idea was not a day or two. The emperor waved his hand and said: “All the Aiqings do not have to blame themselves. You blame yourself for your own sake, but what I am dealing with today is a national event. The prince is ambitious, and his influence is actually intended to occupy the two states of Hengshuo and hide evil intentions. If we usurp the power and seize the throne today, if we do not get rid of it today, it will become a major disaster. The ancients said that righteousness will destroy the relatives, and the prince is our eldest son. Abandon the prince, there will be endless disasters in the future, and I may follow the story of Yongjia!”

Tai Fu bowed his head and said: “It is the minister who is guilty! Never taught the prince well!”

“It was he who was spoiled! I thought this world would have been in his bag! If one day he sat on the throne, the world would not be peaceful for a day! And at the time of Wei, I am afraid that his life will be near. Decided, the prince Yuan Xun was incapable of virtue and incompetence, and wanted to rebel. I was heartbroken. I made a decree to abolish the position of prince Yuan Xun and be demoted as a general and moved to Heyang to take care of… Be sincere and kind.”

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