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I miss you forever

I miss you forever (Novel)
Other Name:  思慕无期心念你 / Looking for You indefinitely

Genre: novel, wealthy president, history
Author: Gourd Monster
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Tang Nianbai Feng Tingjue broke into an unfamiliar villa after being drunk. After she became pregnant with the baby, Tang Nianbai ran away. Seven years later, a certain Mengbao returned to China with Tang Nianbai, but the first thing he did when he returned to China was to sell her. Moebao blinked his big eyes, standing on the street to find his father…

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“What is good about that uncle, do you want him to be your father?”

“Mommy, you are so stupid. I said that day, rich, handsome, and with the means to protect you.”

Tang Muyang said with a smile, detesting her mother for not taking her words to heart.

He is very serious about choosing a husband for her, she doesn’t care about it herself.

“Since people are rich, why would you like your mommy and me? Let this sort of thing take its course.”

Tang Nianbai glared at him and said that your mother was stupid?

Ignoring the childish actions of his mother, Tang Muyang hated iron and steel and said, “Oh, Mommy, you won’t be able to marry if you don’t worry about it. Good men are all taken away.”

Actually said she can’t get married, this kid!

Tang Nianbai really wanted to take off his pants, so he gave a good lesson, no big or small.

But after beating Tang Muyang, she must be the one who regrets and feels distressed, so why suffer that sin.

“How old are you, this kind of thing is more anxious than your mommy. Don’t eat apples. Go, take a bath and go to sleep.”

Tang Nianbai picked up Tang Muyang and was about to go to the bathroom, but Tang Muyang said that after taking a bath with the help of Aunt Yaxin, her feet turned and went to the bed.

“Little devil head, go to sleep.”

After covering him with a quilt, Tang Nianbai kissed him on the forehead.

“Good night, kid (Tang Muyang.)”

“Good night, Mommy.”

Tang Nianbai usually doesn’t go to bed so early at night. Tang Muyang knows that, saying good night, he obediently closes his eyes and goes to bed.

He took a fist at the mall today and moved so many brain cells, he was also tired.

The person on the bed gradually fell asleep, only a faint breathing sound. Tang Nianbai stood on the balcony, watching Wanjia’s lights and the neon dreamlike night market.

The cool breeze blew and lifted the light blue nightdress she had already changed. I didn’t know that this night, this breeze blew through the windows of a few sleepless people.

“Not caught? Are you rubbish?! A six-year-old child can’t be caught back. Why should I raise you?”

After the banquet, Tang Lian suffocated his stomach and returned to the Tang family. He thought he could get some better news to calm himself down.

As a result, looking at the piles of big and small bags on the table, they were all women’s things, and there were a lot of food, a lot of mixed flavors, which stimulated his depressed mood.

Tang Shiyan looked at the two people who were looking down and uneasy, reaching out to look through a pile of bags, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t stop twitching.

It turned out that Tang Muyang chose expensive and ugly things to prank the two of them, and they were all vulgar things.

For example, a peony pattern, old-fashioned gold bracelets, colorful skirts worn by the elderly, and high heels the size of men’s feet.

You can’t wear these after you buy them. Children have a unique vision.

And there are stinky tofu in the food that I bought, oh my god, it’s dark, and there is a wonderful smell.

Tang Shiyan couldn’t help covering her nose when she smelled that smell, her expression was as disgusting as she was, and her voice couldn’t help raising two degrees.

“What’s this? It’s so stinking, take it out quickly.”

Not only her, but even Tang Lian couldn’t help covering his nose. Looking at the pile of things, his heart became even more angry.

The last two of course had no good consequences. Those things cost them hundreds of thousands of yuan, but they couldn’t mention it to the boss. The dumb man had to smash the silver teeth and swallow it in his stomach, and couldn’t find a place to cry.

Since the last incident, Tang Nianbai specifically asked Du Yaxin to follow Tang Muyang closely, not to leave him alone, and try not to go out to play.

But Tang Muyang is really a kid with a terrible headache.

In the first two days, he could still ninja not go out to play, but then he couldn’t stay in the hotel for a second, so he finished the whole hotel.

While Tang Nianbai went to work, Du Yaxin didn’t pay attention, and Tang Muyang ran away without a trace.

Is there any way, only to change high heels and go out to find.

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