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Being a Son-in-law in the Ming Dynasty

Being a Son-in-law in the Ming Dynasty (Novel)
Other Name: 混在明朝做女婿

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Jue Desire
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Chen Hao, who was originally a special soldier, was struck by a thunder into the ancient times and became a son-in-law. I wanted to live a leisurely life, but was involved in the court. From then on, Chen Haoma stepped on both sides of the Yangtze River, and stepped on the universe of the two dynasties…just to live out his momentum and dignity!

Free reading:
This group is the bandit on Yuanbao Mountain who came to avenge Chen Hao.

Three months ago, Zhang Shicheng passed through Majiacun selling private salt and had a melee with bandits. It was Chen Hao who helped him out of danger.

At that time, the hoe in Chen Hao’s hand injured several bandits and interrupted a person’s right leg, which aroused the deep anger of the leader of the cottage.

All these bandits were nestled in a huge cave. The leader was a girl who was less than twenty years old.

Since she debuted, she had never suffered such a shame, so she decided to take revenge.

Since the revenge, of course, must be rewarded, the female bandit took a look at the food in the mountains and plains of Majia Village.

The bandits are also short of food. At this time, in order to fill their stomachs, food is more expensive than gold.

She wanted to take people down the mountain and robbed the crops, but the grain was not mature yet, so she couldn’t get started.

Seeing Chen Hao go to the county office outside the mountain to relocate soldiers, the female bandit was impatient, so she immediately arranged for someone to act and tied his wife.

Never let Chen Hao give the food to the government, or grandma will kill your wife.

A few bandits lurked into the Ma’s small courtyard, Yuhuan slept soundly, and easily knocked her out.

Then take a sack, put a set on the girl’s forehead, and walk on her back.

It was a coincidence that the old lady got up to pee in the middle of the night.

Ma Erniang walked out of the room to go to the toilet, passing by the door of the second girl, and just hit the four robbers head on.

“Ah! What are you doing? What are you doing? Come on! Help–! A thief has stolen something and robbed my girl…!” The old lady shouted.

When the bandits take a bad look, they will kick it up, pawn! Kicked on the belly of the wife.

Ma Erniang didn’t pay attention, she threw herself on the ground, shouting more vigorously.

Originally, the bandit wanted to give her a knife and kill her, but at this time the mountain people around were awakened.

When the women heard that Chen Hao’s house had recruited thieves, they were all filled with anger. They didn’t wear any clothes, got out of the quilt naked, took up their weapons and ran straight here.

For a few months, Chen Hao had a particularly high prestige in Majiacun.

Not only did he help everyone grow food, dig wild vegetables, pick fruits, and store supplies. Zhang Shicheng gave him the wheat, rice, and private salt last time, and he also distributed them to everyone without reservation.

Receiving the kindness of the dripping water will repay us as a spring, and even bully our male god, grandma, for it! Fight!

More than 30 women in the working group took the lead, picking up brooms, shovels, clubs and hoes, rushing in swarms, and hitting the bandits.

When the bandits panicked, they ran away, put the sacks on the horse’s back, and ran away with a whip.

The women couldn’t drive a four-legged horse with two legs, so they could only help the old lady horse up.

“Auntie, what’s the matter? What is missing in your house?”

The old lady Ma said: “I don’t know, I saw them coming out of Yuhuan’s room as soon as I came out. Did they come to grab… Yuhuan? Oh no, girl…”

At this time, the old lady understood, and immediately jumped up and rushed into the girl’s room with her little feet.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, you lose your soul when you see, where is the girl in the house? The girl was taken away.

“Oh! My Ni’er… sharp-hearted, good-natured…” The old lady Ma threw herself on the ground and cried.

She wiped her legs and wailed to the sky: “What kind of sin is this? The girl was robbed. Those goddamn bandits will definitely bully her… I can’t live, huhuhuhu… Ha ha ha…”

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