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The Secret Agent Does Not Go Down

The Secret Agent Does Not Go Down (Novel)
Other Name: 特工王妃不下堂

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yi Qi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Rong Li Xiahou is a modern special female instructor, so she can’t be bullied by others. The prince is disgusted, and the concubine is framed, embarrassed by the servant? All hang up and fight. I thought I would change my freedom after leaving, but whoever wants to meet his destiny…

Free Reading:
The big kitchen has been happily from ear to ear during this period. The Mufuyuan person is getting more and more generous. He pays one or two pennies a day for food, and sometimes he needs to add money to eat something else.

Lady Lin, the kitchen steward, is thinking about how much she can afford, apart from some of the money given to the person above, and sharing some of the money with the people below. After calculating the calculation, she is happy to say that she can add another big thing.

Now that the soup and dishes are being stewed by the prince and the concubine on the fire, there is nothing left for them to do. Lady Lin ordered, “First bring the food, the prince and the concubine have to eat In a while, let’s make some arrangements for a while to pass the food.”

“Okay.” The seven or eight women took the bowls and chopsticks, set up the dishes and got busy for a while, and soon they were ready to eat.

Before they moved their chopsticks, suddenly the door curtain was opened, and Xiao Tao’s face appeared first.

Lady Lin was angry when she saw it, they were about to eat, what caused the mess, they just took the food and left, why are they back now?

“You little hoof, you and your master are starving to death and cannot be reincarnated? I just got the food and come back now. Isn’t it more money?”

“Oh, the anger is not small.” A light laugh sounded, Xiao Tao turned sideways and hit the curtain to let Rong Li in.

At this time, Lady Lin saw the people behind Xiao Tao, but she was not too scared. No one in the house knew that the princess was a decoration. Anyone would dare to deceive anyone. Without the support of the prince, where could she go?

“It turns out to be the princess,” Madam Lin said without even giving a gift, and said without a smile. “I don’t know what the princess is doing. The girl who eats you has already taken home. The portion is quite large. Why, you are not full. ?”

Rong Li smiled, turning his head and glanced at the stove next to him. There were pots occupied by a dozen stoves on the south and north walls. Only one cook was still cooking, and the rest were cooking. The things do not need to be looked after.

There was also a woman in the corner gathering greens, apparently preparing a big pot of food for the maidservants.

Rong Li looked at Lady Lin with a gentle smile on his face, “What’s hot on the fire?”

“It’s the food of the prince and the side concubine, you don’t know the princess, the prince always eats at the side concubine’s place, and it takes time to eat naturally and finely.” Lady Lin alluded to not being favored, and eating delicious food naturally won’t make it she was.

“Oh, do the prince and Concubine Rou side want to make money with rice?” Rong Li asked softly, as if he didn’t hear the meaning of Lin Ma’s words.

“Wang Hao, what do you say, we are working in the Prince’s Mansion, how can we still collect the Prince’s silver? You are joking with me again.” Lady Lin covered her mouth with joy, she thought she had received her silver, the others Do you also need to pay? It’s not because of her softness and deception.

Rong Li nodded and looked at the food on the table, “Everyone is getting ready to eat?”

“We just live a few bites. The masters haven’t used it yet. How dare we use the meal.” Lady Lin was a little impatient, so she came to the kitchen to talk gossip.

“Wang Hao, please come back if there is nothing to do. Our kitchen is not clean, and your clothes are soiled. Besides, we still have things to do. I’m afraid we can’t serve the princess.” Madam Lin directly gave the order, she was still hungry. It’s on the belly.

Rong Li glanced at her, then opened his mouth and said, “Xiao Tao, smash me.”

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