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The Royal Queen’s Little Chef

The Royal Queen’s Little Chef (Novel)
Other Name: 皇家御用小厨娘

Genre: novel
Author: Huang Nu.
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Li Yaoyao Murongchen, who is the top chef of the 21st century, is dressed as the most unloved daughter of the waste material in Hunan. Almost died on the spot… Fortunately, the God of Cooking system is in hand, she has gourmet food, gets rich in business, inspires fighting scum, fights for a position, and cooks food…

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The primary vegetable garden occupies a vast area, spreading hundreds of miles to the south is a farm, and looking to the north is a large tract of pasture, all of which are kept in order.

Li Tianci adjusted his cuffs and said modestly to Li Yao, “Sister, please first!”

Listen, but it is a master’s tone.

Li Yaoyao was too lazy to entangle him in the minutiae, she was not polite and went straight into the vegetable garden.

Tangtang Ruannuo’s voice came: “Master, collect ten ingredients, and Tangtang will give the owner a recipe. So, does the master now know the ingredients?”


As soon as Li Yao’s voice fell, Tangtang’s voice came into his head like a machine, shut, gun, bullet, and bullet.

Although she has a strong ability to accept, she also has to sigh that the food in the mainland is alive, and the relevant knowledge is vast.

Li Tianci sneered, “Sister, don’t think this is a vegetable market. The owner can help you deal with what you want to buy! Today I’m going to teach you the first lesson, someone who can cook but doesn’t collect ingredients, that’s waste!”

Li Yaoyi didn’t bother to pay attention to him, so he had to digest so much new knowledge as soon as possible.

After Tangtang reported the name and purpose of the dish, Li Yaoya felt that her mind became clear. When she faced the vegetables again, she had no sense of strangeness.

She stretched out her hand to pick a vegetable.

“Master, the vegetables must be picked with soul power, otherwise the slightest wound will make it tasteless.”

Li Tianci on the other side had already picked a Lei Yan green onion, and he held it proudly.

He is a pig!

Li Yaoya turned away from her gaze and grabbed a Lei Yan green onion. She wrapped the green onion with her soul power and pulled it out, but no matter how she pulled it, the green onion didn’t move.

Its roots are like being pulled by countless hands, and it is like the thunder flame onion itself is resisting.

Li Yaoyi stepped up her efforts, but… Lei Yansong was pulled off, and she couldn’t help but leaned back and fell into the mud.

Li Tianci couldn’t help laughing when he saw this: “As stupid as a pig talking about you, what else can you do if you can’t pull out a green onion?”

Li Yaosi patted the soil, knelt in front of the green onions, and cut through the soil with his hands. There were many things like small snakes in them, and their bodies were wrapped around the roots of the onions and they were very firm.

“Master, found that the medicinal and dietary material Red Earth Dragon, which clears heat, calms the liver, relieves asthma, and relieves collaterals, must be processed before use.”

It was indeed like a snake, but the effect was more like an earthworm. She gritted her teeth, wrapped the ingredients with her soul power and digged it directly, and quickly dug out a complete thunder flame onion.

Li Tianci let out a nauseating sound, “It’s really disgusting, I actually dig with my hands, who can eat the dishes made with such dirty hands.”

Li Yaoya looked up, Li Tianci sprinkled a special potion on the soil, and the red earth dragons crawled away automatically.

It’s cheating! The people in this pharmacy must have been bought!

Li Yaoya was tired of this kind of response, she said disgusted, “Vegetables are still watered with manure, why are you still eating?”

Li Tianci choked and gritted his teeth with anger.

The selection of ingredients is relatively slow. The elders all drink tea in the pavilion on the edge of the vegetable garden, while some of the housekeepers wait outside.

Li Jiaojiao saw that her mother was giving the old lady a grin, her mouth squashed, and she raised her foot to find her elder brother.

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