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The Royal Concubine Is Too Arrogant

The Royal Concubine Is Too Arrogant (Novel)
Other Name: 皇家蛮妃太嚣张

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Li Shang
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Liu Xinmei and Murong Yifei, Liu Xinmei was a private detective in her previous life, who was responsible for setting the stage for those wealthy ladies. Unexpectedly, once crossing, she turned into an abandoned woman who no one cares about. Let’s see how she takes her children to rectify their names, rule the concubine room, and the scumbag, and get back everything that should belong to her.

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Liu Xinmei couldn’t help but laughed. This child looked timid and cowardly in front of outsiders. Who would have known that he was such a sly black-bellied baby in private? Well, crossing over, this is her most satisfying gift.

“Liu Ye’er,” she looked at the loyal girl apologetically, “Mama Ma and Xiangye are not suitable for labor, this yard is left to you and Cuiyun.” Xiaoyu also couldn’t do heavy work.

Everyone bowed their heads guiltily, but Cuiyun smiled and said, “Okay, okay.”

Wherever she lives, the only difference is that the master does not dislike herself.

“Shall we celebrate tonight?” She asked everyone for their opinions.

No one said anything, they were all used to following orders.

No one objected, that means agreeing?

He told Liu Ye’er to go to the kitchen and ask for a banquet. The people in the kitchen have heard that the prince let the princess and empress move back to her former residence. Who would dare to be contemptuous?

“Come here to eat!” Liu Xinmei watched them standing motionless and couldn’t help but greet them.

“Princess Empress, it’s not in accordance with the etiquette!” Madam Ma stood with her hands down, and she had not seen the precedent of a master and servant eating at the same table at such an age.

“When I am happy, we can not abide by this rule.” Liu Xinmei said lightly, “Out of Ruyan Pavilion, we are masters and servants; when the door is closed, we are a family.”

I’m not used to the rules here, but I can’t be seen by others. This is the best excuse.

family? The hearts of several people were hot. Didn’t it mean that the princess became fierce after waking up?

Chaofan knows Liu Yeer the best, so he stretched out his hand and pulled her to sit down beside him. The rest of the people sat down uncomfortably, just squeezing, not knowing where to put their hands and feet.

“Since Concubine Wen gave you to me, you are the people of my Ruyan Pavilion. I have my own bottom line, that is, I cannot tolerate betrayal. Those who are loyal to me, I will not treat him badly; I will be my People, go to Qiongbi and go to Huangquan, I will not let him go.” Her voice was not high, but she said very seriously. Although there was a slight smile on his face, his eyes were full of warning.

The few people who were not sitting securely stood up immediately and said in unison: “The slave and maid swear allegiance to the princess.”

Liu Xinmei nodded in satisfaction. Although these people may not be so capable, everyone has their own use. She is not a soldier in battle, so what can she do with such a capable person? As long as the servants are loyal, the clumsy and clumsy are never bad.

Cuiyun suddenly asked, “Wang Hao, the servant girl promises to be loyal to you, but can you keep the servant girl from being bullied?”

Is this bargaining? Liu Xin’s eyebrows and eyebrows were full of smiles, Liu Ye’er also said that this girl is not very clear, but isn’t it justified to negotiate terms with her?

“Don’t worry, as long as it is mine, no one can bully it.” Liu Xinmei replied domineeringly.

“Okay.” Cui Yun simply said, this word expresses his satisfaction.

The happy atmosphere naturally needs to be embellished. She is an orphan without a home, and now this is her home. He held the cute little guy in his arms, she gently scratched his chin, and he giggled. What I look forward to most is that one day the family will sit together and laugh happily.

“Because we are a family, a family that loves each other, if we are happy, we should share it, and we must share the same when we are in trouble. We will use each other to know each other for a long time.”

This is her favorite song, and her face is full of happiness while singing. And happiness can be contagious, Chaofan soon hummed.

“Because we are a family, a family who loves each other, we can get together only if we are destined, and we will cherish it only if we have the heart. Why let the clouds cover our eyes.”

As the voice grew louder and louder, Liu Yeer hurriedly reminded him in a whisper: “Wang Hao, this won’t disturb the prince?”

Already disturbed!

Murong Yifei and Xiao Yin were discussing something in the study, singing and laughter came from time to time. Someone’s brows frowned.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, your house is full of excitement.” Xiao Yin’s smile never needs to be concealed, it is just as public as his people.

“Talk about business.” Murong Yifei said coldly.

It is estimated that Xiao Yin was the only one who smiled when the prince was unhappy.

“Flame League has accepted a big deal. If the task can be successfully completed, the brothers will be happy for several years.” He grinned.

“Haha, is Xiao Daxia still having an unfinished mission?” Murong Yifei smiled.

Xiao Yin trimmed his eyebrows and looked handsome, not smiling or talking. It’s just that no one knows that this smiling young man is the leader of the Flame League and the top killer in the arena. The nickname of Laughing Shura is a good interpretation of his character.

“It’s just that I thought about it for a long time, but I still refused.” He laughed.

Just about to ask what happened, the noise rang again, mixed with laughter of “eating”.

“Come here!” He yelled angrily.

“Master.” The guard outside the door walked in tremblingly, bowed his head and clasped his fists in salute.

“Go and see, where is it so noisy?” he coldly ordered.

Don’t go to see, the excitement of Ruyan Pavilion is well known. The princess who moved out of Lengyuan did not conceal her pride, changed the plaque on the door with great fanfare, and renovated a good banquet on the table. She was probably in the mood right now.

“Master, it is Princess Liu. She just moved to a new house today.” The guard returned.

“Liu Xinmei? It’s her again! Tell her that this king has something to discuss here, and let her silence.” Murong Yifei ordered displeased.

At any rate, it is from a famous family, how can it be like an actress from a karaoke studio, singing endlessly all day long.

“Haha, is your princess out of the cold palace? Listen carefully, this song is very special, melodious and tactless, don’t have any artistic conception.” Xiao Yin listened carefully and praised a few words.

Murong Yifei didn’t say a word, just waiting for the singing to stop. Unexpectedly, it only took a while, and the noise reappeared.

“The prince.” The guard came back and resumed his life: “The princess said that this back house is for rest and entertainment. If you are discussing matters, please go to the front chamber. The princess also said…”

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