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The Prince’s Concubine as a Crazy Concubine

The Prince’s Concubine as a Crazy Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 王爷的仵作狂妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Xu Yi.
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Ling Zhiyue Su Yanye, she was originally a female forensic doctor in the 21st century, but she accidentally crossed. During her wedding, she was framed and poisoned on the night of the bridal chamber. , Ling Zhiyue is probably the saddest princess in history. Detoxification and bloodletting at the fingertips, demolition of conspiracies to justify oneself, a shocking sound…

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Hearing this, Su Yanye frowned and looked back indifferently, Xue Qing’er smiled, looking embarrassed.

“Brother Ye, did you leave like this?”

Su Yan frowned, and his handsome face showed displeasure: “The princess is frightened, so naturally this king wants to take her back to rest. Is there anything wrong with Miss Xue?”

Sensitively aware of the coldness in the other party’s words, Xue Qing’er lowered her head nervously, her fingers curled up nervously.

Miss Xue?

The two of them have known each other since childhood, and she has been smart and sweet since childhood, and she has a smile on her face, which is very likable, so she has won the favor of the empress dowager.

Back then, the queen mother even wanted to marry her to him as the princess, just because she cared about that person, and Su Yanye really had no intention of treating her as her younger sister.

The marriage of the two didn’t happen.

Otherwise, I am afraid now that I have become a husband and wife.

It stands to reason that they have a good relationship, and the other party will definitely not call her by such an unfamiliar name.

It seems that the prince is really angry.

A little regretful raised her eyes to look at Ling Zhiyue in Su Yanye’s arms. The woman still closed her eyes at this time, her face was pale, and she looked weak, as if she would die at any time.

Xue Qing’er pursed her lips: “I was wrong. I felt that I was in agreement with Sister Zhiyue. That’s why I took her to the Royal Garden to enjoy the flowers. I didn’t even think about it, but I ran into Ming 嫔. That’s why Ming 嫔 pushed sister Zhiyue into the water. thing.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that it was wrong, and she patted her mouth in annoyance.

“Why didn’t you come forward to explain when Ming 嫔 slandered the princess?”

Seeing the man’s sharp eyes glance over, Xue Qinger took two steps back without a trace, and she laughed dryly.

“It is well known what kind of means was used by Ming 嫔 to climb up. I dare not provoke her. Brother Ye should also know my embarrassment?”

Su Yanye sneered and didn’t answer, just holding Ling Zhiyue to leave.

Ling Zhiyue shrank in his arms, sighing in her heart that this man had a warm chest and strong arms, holding herself as relaxed as nothing.

Don’t know if you have eight pack abs?

I was imaginatively vigorous, but still pretending to be weak on the face, secretly listening to the conversation between the two and analyzing the pros and cons.

Seeing Su Yanye still planning to leave, Xue Qing’er was anxious, trotting to chase, but Su Yanye had long legs, and she was panting after chasing, but the distance was gradually increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After chasing for a while, she stopped in annoyance.

“Brother Ye, I was wrong this time, but the princess encountered something like this in the harem. She should report it to the Queen Mother if she feels reasonable. Brother Ye, I am really embarrassed. You have a lot of things. Sister Zhiyue, right?”

Xue Qinger almost asked God to pray to the Buddha.

After getting along for more than ten years, Su Yanye has been chased by the woman who is regarded as her sister, but Su Yanye keeps moving, and she moves firmly.

He has always been grudges and grudges, Xue Qing’er was wrong, and naturally he would not be willing to assume that nothing happened, so just tolerate it.

What’s more, Ling Zhiyue was involved in this matter, and the other party wanted to get away, and…

Aware of the subtle thought in his heart, Su Yanye’s movements became stiff, and then he continued to act with a calm expression.

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