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The Genius Queen: The Husband Is Too Unruly

The Genius Queen: The Husband Is Too Unruly (Novel)
Other Name: 天才狂后:夫君太放肆

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: An Xiaojiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Ji Jiuyue Yan Ziming, she was originally a generation of killer, cold and ruthless, but because of an accident, she wears another world. Being abused and harsh, she came for revenge, but she didn’t know that she was entangled by a man… When she strayed into the forbidden area, what she saw was a picture of blood surge…

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“Five hundred thousand twice.”

Still no one speaks.

“Five hundred thousand three times!”

There was still no one to speak, and in the end, the hammer was settled, “Deal! Please come to the backstage to hand in gold coins and exchange for auction items later.”

The woman on the stage registered the person’s name.

Then the auction started again.

One by one, everyone was there yelling for the price, vying for one by one.

Ji Jiuyue just stared at the scene before her faintly, her face didn’t have too much emotion.

She sat there boringly, maybe she didn’t have the money, couldn’t afford it, or she didn’t have the slightest interest in those things.

Except for the first two, she looked at the form and no longer had too much emotion.

On the contrary, Lan Qin looked out the window with quite interest, watching those people constantly competing, her eyes were full of expectation, and even with endless envy.

All of them are so rich, and when it comes to competition, they compete. This is something she can’t achieve in her life.

But Sihua is just thinking about it. After all, she is just a slave and she has nothing to look forward to. As long as the master is safe in this life, she will be satisfied.

It was Ji Jiuyue. She keenly noticed that Lan Qin was wrong, her brows paused, and she naturally found the yearning in her eyes.

“Do you like this kind of occasion?”

Lan Qin heard it, and then looked at her own lady, and found that she was looking at herself, suddenly Lan Qin’s body was startled.


Lan Qin knew that her own lady had always treated herself very well, and she didn’t want to say this, which added pressure to her plainly.

Her eyes paused.

But Ji Jiuyue still saw it, and she slightly curled her lips, “In the future, you will definitely live a life like this in the future. Now, we need to work hard.”

For the last few words, Ji Jiuyue paused, and the eyes under the hat were full of firmness. Since she has lived again for the rest of her life, she definitely cannot lead a lifeless life.

When Lan Qin heard it, she glanced at her own lady in surprise. If her face hadn’t changed, Lan Qin thought that this lady had been dropped!

But Lan Qin still didn’t say anything, she just nodded.

But she didn’t have the slightest expectation. After all, the definition in her heart, no matter how much Ji Jiuyue had changed, after all, she would change her gun instead of her medicine.

Ji Jiuyue knew what she was thinking in her heart, but she didn’t break it, and she would know it later by looking at it slowly.

One auction after another, just like that, seven have been sold in a blink of an eye.

Then it means that only seven people have been auctioned, so many people have a deep pity in their eyes.

“Damn! I don’t have enough money!”

“Quickly, I’m not enough, you quickly get me the money.”



There were complaints after another, some directly instructed the subordinates to withdraw money, while others carried crystal cards, just like modern bank cards, which could hold amethyst or gold coins.

The scene is extremely boiling.

And the next ones are those three!

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