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The Emperor of Chongxi Princess Spoils the Thief

The Emperor of Chongxi Princess Spoils the Thief (Novel)
Other Name: 冲喜王妃之帝宠神偷

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Huanxue
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Chu Liangyue and Xiao Yexun, who was originally a peerless thief in the 21st century, accidentally crossed into Qianqiu Pavilion’s four killers. While being chased, he broke into the Royal Palace and pretended to be the Chongxi bride of Prince Rong. Unexpectedly, Lord Rong fell in love with her at first sight…

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Xiao Yexun pursed his lips, looking at Shuori with deep and quiet eyes. “If you want to take people away from this king, it depends on whether you have this ability.” He put down the curtain and said to Chi Yi: “Chi Yi, let the shadow guard take care of it, let’s go.”

He closed his eyes and leaned in the carriage to take a nap, Chu Liangyue frowned slightly, opened the curtains and looked out, but four people in black appeared from nowhere and fought with Shuori and others. It looked like those four people The kung fu is extremely powerful, all of them are above the sun.

“They are the shadow guards in my mansion, the people I cultivated in secret.” Xiao Yexun opened his eyes and explained to her.

Xiao Yexun has her own power and she is not curious at all, but what Chu Liangyue is worried about is why Qianqiu Pavilion will send someone to find her?

An answer seemed ready to come out, but Chu Liangyue rejected it again. Xiao Yexun asked her with some worry, “Yue’er, have you ever offended anyone? Qianqiu Pavilion has always failed to achieve its goals. I am worried about your safety.”

Chu Liangyue thought about it carefully. She had a special identity. After defecting from Qianqiu Pavilion, she had been hiding well. After marrying into the palace, only the son of the eldest had something to show her and attempted to be unruly!

“Except for Rong Shizi, I don’t know who I have offended?” Until now, Chu Liangyue could only pull the hapless Ink and into the water.

Xiao Yexun was really taken aback, and hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Liangyue told Xiao Yexun about everything that happened in the bridal chamber. Xiao Yexun was furious when he heard the consequences, and his face looked like frost: “If I find out that he did it, this king will let him Don’t die.” He said, suddenly embracing Chu Liangyue in his arms, and said in a slightly apologetic voice: “I’m sorry, I’m useless, I’ve made you wronged.”

Chu Liangyue gently shook her head, but she was in a daze.

After returning to the palace, Xiao Yexun doubled the guards in the palace. After sending Chu Liangyue back to rest, Xiao Yexun went to the study to discuss matters.

Chu Liangyue lay on the bed, thinking about what happened, and then slowly fell asleep. I don’t know how long it took, she vaguely felt as if something was wrong, opened her eyes, but saw a white and slender shadow in the room where the moonlight came in.

The man was standing beside her bed with a white jade mask on his face and white clothes. Chu Liangyue sat up abruptly, feeling a little weird.

But before she could react, the man suddenly hugged her and leaned over and kissed her. It was a familiar feeling and breath, why did he find it here?

Chu Liangyue reacted and wanted to struggle, but his kiss deepened again and she couldn’t let her resist. Chu Liangyue gradually lost her strength, her head was dizzy, his slightly heavy breath sprinkled on her face and slowly released her.

“You really make me easy to find, Princess Rong.” His light and gentle voice whispered in her ear, and he stroked the ink jade bracelet on her right hand with one hand.

Chu Liangyue immediately questioned him soberly: “How do you know my identity?”

He sat on the bed, looked at her with a faint smile, his slender fingers stroked the bracelet on her arm and said: “Mo Yun, is the relic of the late Queen Huixian, the only person holding this bracelet is King Rong Xiao Yexun. But it is here for you. I discovered your identity that day when I was upstairs in Mingyue, but I didn’t think about it.”

Chu Liangyue stared at the black jade bracelet on her arm, her eyes sank, this bracelet was actually from Xiao Yexun’s mother? Did he give her such a valuable thing?

“You in Qianqiu Pavilion?” She raised her head and stared at him and asked.

He nodded and stroked her white cheeks with warm palms, very affectionate. “I received the gift you gave me in return. I underestimated you. You opened the box and took away the contents. You gave me an empty box. If it weren’t for the ink jade bracelet in your hand, it told me about you. Identity, I’m afraid I won’t find you in this life.”

He said that her thin lips touched her lips and kissed gently, Chu Liangyue forgot to resist as if she had been hypnotized.

He left her lips, pressed against her cheek, and said, “You steal the holy thing to save King Rong, and you want to save King Rong to have a place for you to unlock the secret of the box. Since you got it inside Rong Palace is useless to you. You want to escape, am I right?”

Chu Liangyue was cold all over, this man was simply too evil, he knew her thoughts clearly.

“If you really run away, where shall I find you? It’s better to trap you in this Royal Palace. If you dare to escape from Royal Palace, Qianqiu Pavilion will surely rob you back to me.” He smiled triumphantly, his lips The arc outlined by the angle is extremely charming.

Chu Liangyue gritted her teeth, looking at him with a pair of beautiful eyes full of resentment. “Yumian Langjun, you are very good. I want to see what you can do to let me hand over to you.” She put away her resentful eyes, raised her lips and smiled, a little provocative.

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