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Splendid Empress: Medicated Princess

Splendid Empress: Medicated Princess (Novel)
Other Name: 锦绣帝女:药膳王妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Qing Yan
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Lan Ge Beichen Jin, once traversed, has nowhere to rely on, the medicated diet helps the world and defends his title. God-given grace, turn your hands into a cloud, hold your heart, and work step by step. Two destinies, a period of reincarnation, the love is lingering, endless. Fate begins to reincarnate, the mystery of life experience is looming, and the plot to subvert, this world game has just begun.

Free Reading:
Lan Ge threw himself on the bed, holding his head in distress. Bei Chen was just like that just now. It was almost like saying: He had let Lan Ge be the leader. If Lan Ge could not achieve his wish, he would apologize!

How could this happen? How could nothing go well? Lan Ge really wanted to die, and fate was too mean to her!

Just when Lan Ge was rarely caught in self-pity, the door of the room was knocked, and Dongshi’s voice rang outside the door: “Lan Ge, I’m here.”

Lan Ge immediately cleared up his emotions, turned on the bed, looked at Dongshi under the covers, smiled and said hello.

Dongshi put the tray with the food in his hand on the side table, and looked at Lan Ge with no expression on his face: “It’s time for dinner.”

Lan Ge nodded, got out of bed after putting on a piece of clothing, walked to the table and sat down. Seeing that Dongshi didn’t intend to leave, he looked at the obvious one-person meal on the table, and was a little confused: “Want to eat together ?”

Dongshi shook his head: “The master asked me to protect you.”

Lan Ge was suddenly shocked to stand up. Because of the excessive movements, the chair he was carrying suddenly turned back and hit the ground with a loud vibration: “No need!”

Let Dongseok protect her? This action is obviously too big, Bei Chen would like to give her no time and room for buffering!

“What are you talking about?” Dongxian frowned slightly, Lan Ge’s voice was covered by the sound of the chair being knocked down. She did not hear clearly, because she was thinking about things, Dongxian did not look at Lan Ge’s lips and could not read her. Lip language.

Lan Ge bit her lower lip, silently propped up the chair, forced herself to resist the anger that surged in her heart, and said a little bit: “I’m just a lower-level food doctor, so I don’t need to be so troubled.”

Dongshi agreed, and a helpless emotion flashed in his eyes: “But this is the command of the master.”

Lan Ge took a deep breath, pressed her lips tightly, and fell silent.

Dongshi pulled the chair away and sat down, his face was cold, and said lightly: “Just yesterday, Xiaoyan in Juliyuan was driven out.”

Lan Ge was stunned for a moment: “What reason?”

“The hostess is unfavorable, arrogant and incompetent.” Dongshi slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and the arc was as sharp as a scimitar. “The trivial family gave birth to a son. It’s just to please the mother, and he really takes himself seriously.”

Lan Ge lowered his head silently, “Master… Master didn’t like Xiaoyan at first, right?”

Dongshi was a little surprised by Lan Ge’s initiative to explore Bei Chenjin’s private life, but this was not something that couldn’t be said, and he didn’t mind: “Yes, the master has never been lucky to her once, it is ridiculous that she still carries a big air.”

Lan Ge understood why there was no one on the path where she met Xiaoyan, and why it was obvious that Xiaoyan’s insulting voice was enough to alarm the patrol guards but no one came to investigate.

Bei Chenjin wanted to kill someone with a knife. If Xiaoyan took her own humiliation in front of her, Bei Chenjin would have sufficient reasons to send the person out. After all, a mischievous maidservant without a strong background is not qualified to stay in Yue. In the palace.

What if her Lan Ge did not fulfill Beichen Jin’s expectations? Will Bei Chen just discard her at will? Or will you kill her directly?

Lan Ge felt chills in her heart. No wonder Bei Chen looked like he took it for granted after getting Veritaseum. It turned out that he had already calculated everything. He was forcing her to prevent her from hiding.

Seeing that Lan Ge’s face became more and more ugly, Dong Shi frowned and pushed her slightly: “Don’t think about it.”

Lan Ge shook slightly, looking at Dongshi’s eyes with a weird meaning: “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

Dongshi avoids her sight, and whispers softly: “No matter what the master does, he has his reason. Don’t think about it. Eat.”

Lan Ge snorted in his heart, picked up his chopsticks, and tried to swallow the food in his mouth.

She still wants to live, and she wants to live wonderfully. She still has a lot of wishes that she has not fulfilled, so she should not abuse her body because of such a scumbag!

Seeing that Lan Ge’s expression had returned to normal, Dong Shi also sighed in relief. When Lan Ge had finished eating, he asked, “What are you going to do next?”

As soon as Lan Ge wanted to clean up the dishes, Dong Shi held her hand: “I ordered someone to clean up, you don’t have to do it yourself.”

This is the treatment that the little master has. Lan Ge chuckled. She should be thankful that Bei Chen would at least be willing to make her life more comfortable on the surface?

“Dongshi, before I met the master’s request, you have been so blatantly by my side-protect me?” The three words “protect me”, Lan Ge said in a subtle tone, so subtle that Dongshi felt that The master’s order is very wrong.

Dongshi clearly remembered that when Beichen asked her to protect Lan Ge, the reason he gave was: “Lan Ge offers the vomiting pill, and you have to stay by her side in the future to protect her.”

Beichen’s life was saved by Dongshi, and she has always treated Beichen as a god.

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