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Rebirth of the prostitute

Rebirth of the prostitute (Novel)
Other Name: 重生之庶女国色

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Mo Zhiqing
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Yuan Qingwan Xia Jinyu is the protagonist of the book. Once reborn, she became a concubine of Shangshufu after being abandoned from the cold palace. She is reborn as a human being. She vowed to prevent the tragedy of the previous life, abused the scumbag, and insulted her, she must be repaid a hundred times… She is a master of calculations every step of the way, and never expected to provoke him who is amazing and stunning…

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“Miss, the maidservant just went to Miss San’s room and she hasn’t arrived yet.”

She combed her eyebrows in Yuan Qingxue’s ear and spoke softly. Yuan Qingxue was tasting tea. After hearing this, she almost spit out tea, her face full of pride.

“Huh, a mere concubine, even if she loses her life on the road, who will care? Tomorrow, I will be the one who will surprise the audience.”

Without Yuan Qingwan getting in the way, her path was really smoother, and without that bitch, no one could steal her limelight.

The Flower Sea Festival officially started at the beginning of the morning. Before the sun came out in the morning, the delicate flowers were still covered with dew, like a crying beauty. After a while, the first ray of sun in the morning hit the dew. The crystal dewdrops exude a dazzling light in the sun.

Yuan Qingxue wore a light red skirt with full chest. In the sun, she exposed large areas of white skin and a delicate collarbone, which made people unable to look away.

“Look, that’s the number one beauty in Beijing. She is really beautiful in red.”

After Yuan Qingxue appeared, several ladies began to talk about them. They had seen Yuan Qingxue’s beauty before, but today, in the sun, her pink skirt with gold ornaments on her head really Charming, the gold thread on that shirt embroidered a large auspicious cloud pattern, which shines even more in the sun.

“That’s the number one beauty in Beijing, even Concubine Liu likes her. How can we compare with her?”

Some people still have a smile in their eyes, but the stiff corners of their mouths and the cold light from the corners of their eyes have exposed their envy.

Yuan Qingxue stood in front of the Begonia flower, stretched out her snowy white jade hand, and swept it lightly on the Begonia flower. The dew on the flower changed to her fingertips, like a pearl in the sun. She was standing here at this moment. The audience was already stunning, and the eyes of those rich young men were reluctant to leave her.

Even Xia Houyu, who didn’t look at her more that day, couldn’t help staring at her at this time.

“Miss Yuan? The number one beauty in Beijing is indeed well-deserved. It is also a blessing for this princess to see such a beautiful woman in the early morning.”

A nice voice came from behind. Although Yuan Qingxue hadn’t turned around, she could still guess that it was the princess Ziyu who is most beloved by His Majesty today.

Princess Ziyu was born to the first queen. Although the first queen has passed away for many years, does your majesty show her affection for her? She loves her only daughter very much. Queen Ji and Guifei Liu, who are in power in the harem, are very kind to this princess. , Although this Ziyu Princess did not fight or grab, she was the least offended person in the harem.

“See the princess.”

Seeing that Ziyu was there and hurriedly saluted, Ziyu raised his hand lightly and said softly, “Stop the gift.”

Standing in the crowd for a long time, Xia Houyu, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, saw Princess Ziyu coming over, with a smile on her face: “Sister Ziyu hasn’t wanted to go out for a long time. Is this Huahai Festival here today?”

Ziyu is a few years older than Xia Houyu, and she has reached the age of marrying a long time ago, but she has never liked it. In the harem, it is inevitable that some people will talk about it. Your Majesty rewarded her with a house in the capital. She lived alone in the princess mansion. Princess Ziyu likes to be clean, and she spends a long time in the mansion enjoying the flowers and gardens.

“You are here, how can I not be there? I heard that the imperial concubine is helping you choose the concubine, and I don’t know which girl I am interested in. Tell my sister, and my sister will help you.”

Although Ziyu asked about Xia Houyu, his eyes kept staring at Yuan Qingxue behind him.

Concubine Liu Gui would choose Xia Houyu’s concubine, in fact, it was just walking the situation, and there was already a candidate in her heart.

When Yuan Qingxue heard Princess Ziyu talk about herself, a shy smile appeared on her face. At this moment, Xia Houyu looked at her, but she felt a little bit more contemptuous in her heart.

“The mother concubine was attracted to one, but in the palace that day, that person really lost his ugliness, and the mother concubine regretted that she was taken in by her.”

Although Xia Houyu didn’t say it clearly, but there was something in the words. If you asked who was ugly in the palace that day, it must be Yuan Qingxue.

Think about that the first talented woman in Beijing actually stole the poems of her concubine. This is not counted. She was also pointed out by Ding Shizi on the spot. In desperation, she could only apologize to her concubine in front of everyone. Now I heard Xia Houyu talk about it. People were still laughing at this, Yuan Qingxue blushed instantly.

“By the way, what about your concubine? Isn’t it because you lost your ugliness that day, and you dare not let her come over today?”

Princess Yu Ling, who had been acquainted with Princess Ziyu, made fun of Yuan Qingxue. When she said this, everyone began to talk about it. They thought they could make the most of the limelight today, but unexpectedly, they did so.

Yuan Qingxue’s hands clenched into fists subconsciously, and the smile on her face disappeared instantly. She knew that many of these people wanted to see her jokes, but no one dared to take the lead. Now someone said, they naturally Then laughed.

“Sister Yu Ling, it’s just a pity that you say that makes Yuan girl not be able to get off the stage. The third lady of the Yuan family, this princess really wants to see it.”

Princess Ziyu glanced at Yuan Qingxue, her deep eyes also had a bit of contempt. She didn’t want to see flowers today, she just wanted to see what Yuan Qingxue has the ability to be a princess. It’s just a femme fatale, and she’s still a master who can’t cover her mind.

It seemed that Concubine Liu Gui had really misunderstood the person this time, and Ziyu sneered in her heart.

“By the way, what about the Ding Wang Shizi? Why didn’t he come?”

Ziyu looked for a long while but couldn’t find Xia Jinyu, a little disappointed, so he asked.

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