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Peerless Concubine

Peerless Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 绝代世子妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Xiao Han
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Su Musheng Jing Qianyan, who was originally the 21st real ace agent, became the eldest son of Jing Wang’s mansion after a plane crash and explosion during a mission. Concubine… but the life after crossing is…

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Su Musheng turned her head to look at her, smiling charmingly, “That aunt should teach her well. After all, she is a lady in the General’s Mansion. I would say that my aunt’s discipline is lax.”

Bai Zhi suddenly choked. Indeed, the situation in the General Mansion is well known. The General’s wife Han Yuexin lives in the Buddhist hall all year round. Regardless of the world, the entire General Mansion is managed by her aunt. Therefore, whether it is good or bad, she will be blamed. Come up.

But Mother Wang was not as calm as her. After all, Su Musheng’s words directly brought the two people she cares about most, namely Bai Zhi and Su Qingyu, “Miss, please be careful!”

Su Musheng got up from the chair almost instantaneously, and then slapped it over without hesitation, as if she was waiting for Mother Wang to say this, “Presumptuous!”

Mother Wang didn’t react at all, so the slap was hard, and Su Musheng’s strength was not weak, so her cheeks became red and swollen almost immediately.

Ever since she followed Bai Zhi, has Mother Wang ever suffered such a grievance? Whether at home or marrying to this general mansion, Bai Zhi is very much loved, and Bai Zhi has always valued her, so although she is a maid, she lives more comfortably than the average lady.

What’s more, it was Su Musheng, who had always been trampled under their feet by them, who reached out to hit her. This, no matter what, she absolutely couldn’t accept it.

However, to be able to become Bai Zhi’s personal maid, Mother Wang’s mind was absolutely deep. Even under such circumstances, she still swallowed all her emotions, but her low-hanging eyes were full of insidiousness.

Bai Zhi didn’t think of this change at all, until she heard the crisp applause, she realized what had happened, and she couldn’t help standing up from the chair in an instant.

Su Musheng spoke up first. I don’t know why, Bai Zhi always felt that her voice seemed to be louder than just now, “Auntie! Even if I cannot be favored by my father, you can’t let your people humiliate me like this. Right?!”

Before Bai Zhi could speak, Su Xinxin’s obviously angry voice came from outside the door, “I think this mansion really needs to be rectified.”

Seeing Su Musheng’s secretly smiling eyes, Bai Zhi suddenly understood that all this was designed by Su Musheng! But at this time, she couldn’t take care of so much anymore, because Su Xinxin’s eyes were obviously wrong.

He was completely holding on to greet him, and the smile on Bai Zhi’s face was also reluctant, “General, why are you here?”

Su Xinxin glared at her, then strode to the main seat and sat down, looking at Mother Wang as if he was looking at a dead person, and the words he said didn’t mean anything merciful, “Come on, pull this Diao slave out of the rod. shoot!”

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