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Biography of Concubine Weiyang

Biography of Concubine Weiyang (Novel)
Other Name: 未央芊妃传

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Feng Xiaojin
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Sui Qianqian Jin Junquan, in his previous life, had unclear knowledge of people, and ended up being killed by the family and died with hatred! The difference between the yin and the yang, the rebirth of Nirvana, the step by step, want a shame! Unexpectedly, I met a lord who can’t get rid of it by pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger…

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Seeing Sui Qianqian walking towards the house, Su Jingyu wanted to keep up, but after hesitating for a long time, he finally stopped. When he heard the bedroom door slammed shut, he walked out of the courtyard angrily!

After leaving the yard, Su Jingyu thought about it, the less it was. After thinking about it, he decided to find Jin Junquan in person and ask what happened between them and why the good-natured Qianqian had such a bad temper!

Thinking of this Su Jingyu, he turned around and walked towards the back door. It’s not that he has to go through the back door, but the back door of the two houses is a few steps away, which is more convenient!

Moreover, the current situation is not clear, and he is not sure whether Jin Junquan will marry Suo Qianqian. Once he lets people know, what rumors will come out at that time, what will damage the reputation of his precious daughter!

It is normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, but if a girl walks close to a man before the first time, she will be jabbed in the backbone for a lifetime!

Of course, based on the current situation in the General’s Mansion, Sui Qianqian might not be unable to marry, but it is still somewhat difficult to find a right person!

Before Su Jingyu spoke, the little servant guarding the back door of the third prince’s mansion had already opened the door and greeted him in, not only that, but also directly led him to the door of the third prince’s study!

“General Su, the guards have already gone to report, you wait here for a while, I’ll pass first!”

“Go ahead, trouble you!” Even though it was just a small guard at the Three Princes’ Mansion, Su Jingyu said politely!

Hearing that, the guard was flattered, smiled embarrassedly at him, turned and left quickly!

Before the guards left the courtyard, the study door opened, and Liu Nian, the confidant of the three princes, Jin Junquan, walked out of the house, and made a gesture of invitation to Su Jingyu and said, “General Su, please, the master is in a bad mood. Please bear with me if you say something that is unacceptable!”

Su Jingyu, who had been mentally prepared for a long time, nodded and replied, “I know that there is a conflict between him and Qianqian. I came to ask what happened!”

“Yeah! Please!” Liu Nian said and nodded towards Su Jingyu, and closed the study door after he entered!

As soon as he walked into the study, Su Jingyu saw the three princes Jin Junquan with a gloomy face sitting behind the desk, hesitating whether to speak, and Jin Junquan took the initiative to speak: “I have decided. I will marry Suiqianqian as mine. princess!”

After coming back, he thought a lot. As long as he thought that he would never see Suiqian again in the future, his heart ached. She was originally a person who would not wrong her. Instead of making herself unhappy, it is better to make others unhappy. !

As for Sui Qianqian’s willingness or not, he doesn’t want to care anymore. Anyway, the relationship will gradually get better after a long time. Anyway, he will be good to her. As for what she said is not willing to share a man with her, He can also accept it, because he has met such an interested woman like her for so many years!

Su Jingyu was stunned by Jin Junquan’s words. He came just to figure out what happened, and he never expected to get such a reply!

Of course he is very satisfied with this answer!

Seeing Su Jingyu not speaking, Jin Junquan looked at him and said, “Don’t you always want me to be your son-in-law? Have you changed your mind?”

“I didn’t change my mind, I just felt that suddenly, you and Qianqian were unhappy because of this?” Su Jingyu walked to the chair in front of Jin Junquan and sat down, looking at him suspiciously.

Since the two came and went, he has tried Sui Qianqian more than once, but every time he was fooled by her, she said that she hadn’t thought about marrying if she said too much!

He really didn’t understand how the two were upset about this incident. Could it be that Qianqian forced the marriage to fail, so he was furious, thinking that Su Jingyu couldn’t help but squeeze a cold sweat for himself. If that is the case, That would be too anxious. After all, the age is still young and not in line. If you really want to marry him, you can tell him well!

“Forget it, you can rest assured that I will tell my father about this matter. I won’t be wronged by Qianqian. As for the prince and the fourth prince, you just ignore it. No matter what methods they use, I won’t let them succeed. of!”

Hearing what Jin Junquan said, Su Jingyu was even more embarrassed, and apologized again and again: “Qianqian has had no mother since she was a child, and I have not been by her side all these years. The temper is really not very good. If you say something, you don’t like to listen. If you do something you don’t like, don’t worry about him!”

Hearing what Su Jingyu said, Jin Junquan knew that he had misunderstood, and explained with a faint smile: “She didn’t mean to marry me at all. She said that she would never see me after I got married. I’m a little angry, but I will be together sooner or later anyway. It’s better to settle this matter now to avoid unnecessary trouble!”

Hearing what Jin Junquan said, Su Jingyu was even more surprised. He looked at him and asked with disbelief: “What you said is true? Qianqian doesn’t want to marry you? Didn’t you force you to marry her?”

Hearing what Su Jingyu said, Jin Junquan couldn’t help but laughed, and looked at him and said: “General Su, you think too much, do you think she will ask to marry me by her character?”

“Since you have decided to marry her, it’s useless to discuss those things now. Anyway, I support you. You can do whatever you want with me. I believe you will be nice to her, but I have a request, even after you get married. , You have to live here often, and I need to see her often!”

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