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Impure Internal Relationship

Impure internal relationship (Novel)
Other Name: 불순한 사내관계

Genre: novel
Author: Yulia
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Chawinter and Hongira, who have been living together since the age of 9, have been together for 20 years.
It is also a friend of the ball, a relationship between a boss and a subordinate, as well as a landlord and tenant.

Even the lingerie company that was born and founded as a gold spoon was hit by a big hit, and Cha Winter is the CEO of Florence. Unlike such a winter, Hongra was born in a poor family and grew up early.

The reason why these two of these two people, in a combination that seemed to never get along, became best friends because of Ira’s long unrequited love. Then one day, Ira, who couldn’t stand it, bursts confession.

“I love you, boy!!”
“I’m Hong, and I’m the one who won’t blink even if you go around naked naked.”

It’s a winter jump that says it’s never love, but somehow after her confession, I keep getting anxious about her. The mind and the body. The story of the impure relationship between the two in Florence, a lingerie company.

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