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Good evening, Lord Hades

Good evening, Lord Hades (Novel)
Other Name: 冥王大人晚上好

Genre: novel, supernatural novel, serializing
Author: Seven millet
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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The story of the novel mainly tells me that I was born on the Ghost Festival. Mother, and grandma depend on each other for life, always inexplicably hit ghosts. Now, the man in front of me who claims to be Pluto actually asked me to be his woman. What a joke! Although this young lady is poor and short-minded, is she good at integrity? However, this guy has a handsome face that is so angry that I accidentally have a baby. From then on, I held the colored glaze jade beads and drove the live broadcast with my baby, embarking on the extremely dangerous road of sealing up demons and catching ghosts, and dealt with all kinds of dissatisfaction! I thought I was at the pinnacle of my life, but I was caught in a huge whirlpool…

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Thinking of this, I subconsciously pushed Fang Jiajia away, wanting to get the jade beads that were still at the door of the bathroom.

But who knew Fang Jiajia’s nails became sharp and long in an instant, and they penetrated my chest deeply again.

Damn, this guy really knows how to take people short, he took a fancy to my chest injury just now, and he actually hurt me.

“Fang Jiajia what are you doing? Isn’t Xiao Fei your best friend?”

Ye Zichen obviously didn’t know that Fang Jiajia had a problem. He screamed and asked after seeing this scene.

“Friend? Do you think this bitch and I will be friends?”

The corner of Fang Jiajia’s mouth evoked a strange arc, and when she looked at Ye Zichen, she never concealed her resentment.

Ye Zichen didn’t dare to speak, because he had already heard it. It was clearly not Fang Jiajia’s voice just now, but the voice of his ex-girlfriend’s promise!

“Zi Chen, I am the person who loves you most in this world. I am willing to do whatever you say. I am even willing to give birth to a baby for you, but why do you want to give me a mess?”

After speaking, Fang Jiajia’s hand has become stronger, and I can clearly feel her sharp nails wandering between my skin and flesh.

Ye Zichen shrank behind the sofa with a look of horror, and looked at Fang Jiajia but kept shaking his head.

“Since you refuse to speak, I will take it as your tacit consent to kill this bitch.”

After all, Fang Jiajia opened her sharp nails and wanted to insert it into my neck.

At this moment, a cold wind blew in from the gate, and the temperature of the room suddenly dropped a lot.

The light bulb above my head “teared” twice, and the bright and extinguished light pulled my memory back to the night when I met Mo Liangye.

I know that this is him.

Ye Zichen was so cold that his upper and lower jaws began to fight: “Xiao Fei, why is it so cold in your room suddenly!”

At this moment, I really want to throw this guy out.

I have been beaten like this by Fang Jiajia, is this girl still caring about coldness? Really deserved to be beaten to death!

Fang Jiajia seemed to be aware of the changes in the surrounding air, and suddenly became manic and restless.

“Who is it! Get out of me!”

“You don’t deserve to know!” A cold voice suddenly sounded with a white light.

Immediately afterwards, I felt my waist tighten, and then slammed into a broad and strong chest.

Enduring the pain in my chest, I raised my eyes and looked at the man.

I saw that it was a young and handsome face, flying diagonally into the temple’s imposing eyebrows, slightly pursed lips, deep as if it contained a icy luster, all letting it exude a cold and solemn aura.

This is Mo Liangye? This is my Hades husband?

I don’t know if it’s because of being too close, the light and cold breath from his body burrows into my nose constantly, making me a little dizzy.

But before my idiot was finished, Fang Jiajia had already started roaring: “You have broken my good deeds, I will kill you!”

After speaking, Fang Jiajia swung her nails like a mad dog and rushed over.

I was about to remind Mo Liangye to be careful, but when he saw his eyebrows twisted slightly and his figure leaped slightly, he embraced me and withdrew to the side.

Fang Jiajia pounced, becoming more annoyed, and tried to pounce again.

This time, Mo Liangye didn’t avoid it, but snapped his fingers, and said in a deep voice, “Pei Zhao!”

Hearing the sound, a black shadow rushed in from outside the door, obviously much faster than Fang Jiajia’s speed, kneeling down in front of Mo Liangye, slightly lowering his head.

“What’s the order from Pluto?”

Mo Liangye’s eyes rolled, and he glanced at Fang Jiajia’s body, the fierceness in his eyes made people fearful.

“Take her to me.”

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