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Blooming Lily 绽放吧,百合 Episode 31 Recap

The police asked Lily if she saw the Fangben. Lily said that she left it at the nurse’s desk. A pair of sons and daughters hurried out to find the room book. When they came back, they took the father’s suicide note and questioned Lily. Lily finally couldn’t bear to scold them. The police on the side also said that the hospital had brought the results of the father’s consultation. In this way, Lily is called, and Dashan’s case is understood.

Yang Yi and Yunxiang, who had just selected the villa, came to the hospital to find Baihe. It turned out that Yang Yi got the news that Xiao Bao escaped from the work-study school while the staff on duty was not paying attention. Because of the bad influence, Yang Yi had to terminate his school status. He could not go back to the original school for the college entrance examination. After escaping, Xiao Bao went to Dongjiazhuang to look for Dashan, even more frankly that he would stay here as a farmer in the future. The captain looked at Xiaobao, who was thin-skinned and tender, and told him with a smile that he could not go to school in the city, so he went to school in town.

Xiaobao stayed in the shack to show the captain the cows, and Dong Shaohe ran out again to persuade him to sell the cows, and take him out. Although Xiaobao could tell right from wrong, he couldn’t withstand Dong Shaohe’s stimulus, and he pulled the captain’s cattle out of the village. Dong Houwu saw his son talking with Xiaobao. He knew his son well. He also saw Xiaobao pulling the cow to the market outside the village. He already expected Dong Changhe to abet Xiaobao to sell the cow.

Little Treasure went missing after selling the cow, which made the captain angry and anxious. The Lily who came back was extremely guilty. She and Dashan had to use human resources to plow the land, and they slept in the field tired. The next day, He Shuying and Dong Houwu brought their own cattle and loaned them to the captain to plow the land. Seeing He Shuying, who never borrowed cattle, was so generous, the captain instantly understood that Xiaobao had been abducted by Dong Shaohe. The wound infection on Dashan’s left hand worsened, and the county hospital diagnosed that he might be at risk of amputation. Baihe thought that Dashan still needed to make clay sculptures with his hands, and decided to take him to Beijing Hospital for treatment.

Lily, who had returned to Baijia, found Little Treasure who had sneaked back. She grabbed Little Treasure and wanted to teach him. A hundred fathers and a hundred mothers hurriedly asked about the cause, and Baihe secretly bought Xiaobao a cow and told him all about the mess with Dong Shaohe. Xiao Baoji hated Lily for never caring about herself, just taking care of Dashan and Yu’er two dumbs. Lily slapped her over, and all the pressure of life collapsed at this moment.

She cried out that in addition to repaying 800 yuan, she owed two thousand yuan to the hospital. It turned out that Dashan, who came to Beijing for treatment, is still facing the risk of amputation. If the operation is not performed as soon as possible, he will even face the danger of life. A hundred fathers and a hundred mothers hurriedly took out the family savings to Lily, telling her that it is important to keep Dashan’s life.

One month later, under Lily’s meticulous care, Da Shan’s hands gradually improved and began to take conservative treatment. After receiving the news, Da Shan left the hospital and wanted to work in Yunxiang Company. But Lily warned him that the injury was not complete, and told him to continue treatment. At this moment, the fifth elder brother came out with Zhao’s mother for physiotherapy and learned that Lily had no place to live, so Zhao’s mother hurriedly called the fifth brother to make arrangements. The filial fifth brother settled Lily and Dashan in the small room on duty at the bar. Lily took over the duty and became a bar cleaner.

Dashan stayed in the bar and had nothing to do. He saw the artist who made money by drawing sketches for the guests. The ingenious Dashan asked for pen and paper to drew a comic-style portrait for the fifth brother, making the fifth brother amused. The fifth brother immediately bought the artist’s drawing board and asked Da Shan to be a painter in his own bar. Lily and Dashan were settled in the fifth brother’s bar, Lily happily brought a bottle of beer to celebrate. The husband and wife drank a bottle of wine together with straws, but they were also happy and happy.

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