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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 9

The “Tianci Liangyuan” made by Anning won the first place in the competition, especially the judging by the judges. Everyone applauded for peace, and the peace of mind was very excited. In the summer , he always remembered Yi Mingjun unconsciously, causing the filming to be frequently called. At this time, Yi Mingjun also sent a parcel for the summer. It was a crayons Xiaoxin doll, full of his thoughts on summer.

Long Hao Qian and photos are together in peace and Eddie Cheung Kong Lin know, Kong Lin is very angry, she thought her son excellent condition, a chef was never meant for peaceful Hao Qian. Long Yuqian prepared a bouquet of roses for tranquility, and he was quiet during this time. In order to prepare for the competition, he planned to rest on a holiday with Ann. Gong Chen looked down from the attic and blessed them from the heart. Long Yu Qian and peace in the river, you yell at me, looking at the big scenery in front of you, Long Yuqian even wants to settle down here.

Peaceful yearning for the warmth of home, and it is best to have a vegetable garden to grow vegetables, Long Yuqian looked at the gentle peace, affectionate kiss to her. No matter how much work you go back, you will have a lot of headaches. As long as you stay with you, Long Xiaoqian is very content. Anning returned to the inn, and placed two sleep essences prepared by Long Yuqian for her, and left a note to wish her a good dream, and laughed peacefully and happy.

On the second day, Long Yuqian and Gong Chen prepared a feast for Anning. After not eating for a while, Gong Chen felt that this light bulb was too dazzling and walked away on the grounds of finding local products. After dinner, Long Yuqian came to a wishing tree with peace. The boss of the wishing tree said that the couple who married the marriage knots would be born together, and they could find a marriage at a glance when they came next time. The location of the knot. Anning and Long Yuqian left their words on the marriage knot respectively. I didn’t expect that when they exchanged each other, they actually wrote the same thing. “The pair of heavenly creations will never be separated.” Both of them were shocked, and peace was special. A wish.

The time passed quickly, Gongchen and Anning returned to the Longteng Hotel, and the chefs were very happy. They were entangled in Gongchen and asked why they changed their cuisine temporarily. Gongchen announced that Xiaowu would resign and go back to study. Everyone was quiet and peaceful. Help the little five round words and bless him to go back and study hard. Gong Chen called Annin to talk to him. He knew that Xiaowu was bought by the opponent and vinegar was put in the old soup. Why did he not say peace? Anning felt very sorry. She said that she only said at the last minute that she would not want to give her a chance to change her face. Gong Chen knew that peace had paid a good job for this competition, and he was proud of his peace in any case.

Anning gave a small five or two thousand yuan in the corridor. She knew that Xiaowu was doing this for her mother’s hospitalization expenses. She went to study after five small trips, study, and don’t do bad things that harm others in the future. I was moved by the heart and my heart was very embarrassing. Long Yuqian came downstairs and heard their conversation in the corridor, but did not go.

Long Yuqian drove with peace and went out to eat. He helped Ann’s bank card to come back. He told Ann Nana and Ng five the last time, and Annine saw him from Long Yuqian’s memory. Give him a small sum of money to help him continue his studies. Although Ann could have seen the memory of Long Yuqian before, he only began to understand Long Yuqian at this moment. It turns out that Long Yuqian is much better than she imagined.
Long Yuqian discovered that Aning was looking at himself, and they suggested that they should go deeper into the next step between the couples. Anin shyly refused, and the two pulled and pulled, suddenly a car braked in front of the rear.

The two men got off the train and found that the vehicle in front was Yi Mingjun and summer. Then the four people happily went to the restaurant to eat. Long Yiqian revealed his love relationship with Yi Mingjun and his wife in the summer. Yi Mingjun was very surprised by their progress. Anning summer is good with Yi Mingjun, but in the summer it is said to have a probation period, and the four people are happy to ridicule.

A girl named Angel came in and she greeted Yi Mingjun and Long Yuqian. This makes Anning and the summer very jealous. On the way home, the two men have a slap in the face of Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun, and Aning sees their previous love triangle from their memories. It turned out that Yi Mingjun washed Hua Angel, and Angel liked Long Yiqian. Long Yiqian and Yi Mingjun were very sincere in their attitude, and they also promised that they both went back and wrote a 20,000-word review book explaining why.
The next day, Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun went to see peace and summer, and they were all rejected. The two had no choice but to go home to write a review and then ask for forgiveness. Long Yiqian Yi Yijun himself refused to write, and then went to the building but secretly went upstairs, copied a 20,000-word review on the Internet, and confidently thought that peace. Will be touched.

Long Yiqian and Yi Mingjun once again came to the home of Anning. Yi Mingjun said that he did not write in the summer, but he saw that Long Haoqian had a review book for his schadenfreude, and his gas was tickle. In the summer, I entered the house with anger. It was angrily to read the review book of Long Yuqian. Even the children who wrote the bed on the Internet had copied it. In this way, Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun were once again driven out. Kong Lin received an answer from Angel. She said that she had a very important thing to hand over to Angel.

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