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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 16

Longteng successfully survived the difficult time Long Yiqian asked for marriage and tranquility. Gong Chen ‘s condition has recovered a lot. With the permission of the doctor, Gong Chen decided to leave the hospital to help Long Teng to elute suspects. The driver’s driver told Gong Chen that Longteng was a black shop and advised him to let other restaurants dine. Gongchen knew that someone deliberately smashed the dragon, and he had a dispute with the driver.

The total came to the other side of Long Long Hao Qian ‘s mother Lin total. Lin always mistakenly thought that the dragon alwaystalked to her for the marriagebetween Long Yuqian and Anning . At this time, Long always told her that the dragon always wanted to give Lin a total of shares in Longteng. Lin was shocked, but For his kindness, Lin did not refuse.

Summer and easy to Mingjun to find a peaceful Dragon, in order to save the urgent needs of the Dragon, Dragon decided to help them out of a force. At this time, Gong Chen returned to the hotel, watching the chefs one by one with the lost soul, and reprimanded everyone. Although Gongchen was ill, he was still strong for the dragon. Gong Chen found that the dishes ordered by the guests were not comparable and there was no possibility of poisoning. So I asked about the dishes again and again. Since there is no problem with the dishes, just do your job well. At this time, a waiter called the guest, and Gongchen was very satisfied. Let the chefs go all out. No matter how many guests, they would serve the guests wholeheartedly and do their own work, which would be praised by others.

In order to understand the problems under the eyes of the rescue dragon, Gong Chen personally cooked the kitchen for two guests. The customer is a frequent customer of Longteng, and there is no misunderstanding of Longteng due to the storm in front of him. Gong Chen said that as long as he is in Longteng, the two will be Dragon’s VIP customers, and they are allowed to give them a free ticket. I hope that both of them can have a good meal.

Anning mother reported through the TV that Longteng enterprises were framed and decided to help the dragon to vent their anger. The peaceful grandfather stopped her move and told the peaceful mother about her relationship. The mother then canceled the idea of ​​helping Longteng explain.

Longteng Enterprise received a new order again, because the last two customers talked to Longtan in the live broadcast room, let Longteng resume the previous fullness. A chef asks the chef if he wants to prepare meals for New Year’s Eve. The chef tells everyone that Longteng will not be thought of as being knocked down by you. On the contrary, Longteng needs everyone more at this time. Only everyone can unite and be able to Fight against this storm. The chefs listened to the chef’s words and were very motivated.

In the evening, Anning and his family ate together, but the peace of mind could not be lifted, and they were alone. Come to comfort in the summer, peace will talk to the summer and the summer, the summer can understand the feeling of tranquility. On the other hand, Long Haoqian told the chairman that L Group and Longteng Group had signed a cooperation agreement and became the second largest shareholder of the Gulf project. Only by taking the Gulf project, Longteng’s turnaround was a breeze. Everyone saw that Longteng had a lot of stocks because of the participation in the Gulf Project. This is what I believe in Long Yuqian.

Gong Chen and Ma Meng went out for a trip, the kitchen was cold again, and the chefs gathered for a chat. At this time, Xiaowu suddenly came back. On the New Year’s Eve every year, Longteng was very busy. He even came back to help. The chefs looked helpless. At this time, Yi Mingjun sent a good news, saying that the customer’s stomach pain was not related to Longteng, but the customer’s own problem. Because of this, Longteng’s grievances were really solved. At this time, Ma Menglu led the palace to come back, watching the waiter and other people look ill, Gong Chen was very angry, and everyone screamed.

At this time, an old man walked into Longteng to test whether the New Year’s dinner here was free. Everyone saw a customer walk in, and the whole kitchen followed the fun. Then there were more and more customers, and the entire hall was filled, and the chefs’ ambitions ushered in again. At this time, the peaceful grandfather came to the kitchen, and Gong Chen saw the master appearing and proposed to let the master out of the mountain. The peaceful grandfather readily agreed to help Longteng Company to cook.

All the dishes were served, and Long Haoqian asked the chefs to come to the hall to eat, and to work hard and work hard. Long Yuqian worried that the peaceful mother would spend the New Year at home and proposed to let the peaceful mother come to Longteng for the New Year. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the New Year.

At this time, Long Yuqian suddenly appeared. He was grateful to everyone for not being away when the dragon was in distress, but to help Longteng come together. After Long Yinqian grateful to the crowd, he started the theme of today. He invited peace to the center of the stage, expressed her deep affection, and told her peace, so that she could understand her own mind. Anning cried so much that he told Long Xiaoqian that he would do his other half and die.

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