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Bo Shao Mi Pao: The wife is hot

Bo Shao Mi Pao: The wife is hot (Novel)
Other Name: 薄少蜜宠:娇妻火辣辣

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mushrooms blossoming
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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In front of him, he was the richest man in country A, the next patriarch of the mysterious hermit family, but in private, he turned into a wife and slave, and he loved his wife indefinitely. “President, the young lady is teasing a man outside,” the special assistant replied tremblingly. The next second the man raised his head with a sullen face, “Chop off the people and feed the dogs!” The special assistant continued tremblingly, “The young lady said that she is not coming back. She has already boarded the plane with the man.”

Next The second man stood up and said, “Copy the guy, go and grab her back!! No, call me and say I’m sick and dying, let her come back quickly!” After a while, the special assistant was so scared to death. . Wen Wen Gaotian, the male protagonist is so cold and cold, he only has feelings for the female lead, and she looks like a puppy in front of the female lead. PS: Recommend the new book: [Inflame Army Marriage: The Chief’s Strong Pet], can you add a favorite and make a card?

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