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Rolex for success

If mentioning world-renowned watch brands then the first answer for many people is probably the name of a luxury watch brand name like “Rolex”, because the value of this watch is more than just telling the time. But it’s also a piece of jewelry that reflects the taste, status, and investment of people who wear it. Rolex watches are considered luxury watches by celebrities and leading businessmen and a lot of people. The housing designed by skilled craftsmen and quality materials keeps Rolex in the minds of customers for a long time.

According to a survey and ranking of the 100 companies that are recognized in the world reputation of Global Rep Trak 100, it is expected that Rolex. The luxury watch brand name in the world is ranked to top 10 in the clear world. Rolex is the number one brand in the hearts of many people.

Clear features of these brands is the ability to clearly communicate of meaning on products and content to customers. Until the brands name have received the trust of consumers at a very high level. Take an example of Rolex as an expensive luxury watch manufacturer. Instead, it received a high popularity rating as well as. In contrast, Rolex is a watch brand name that is quite a personal item with very little chance of being seen by everyday people. The success of Rolex is not the only “value” but there is nothing more than that in the consumer’s corner.

In the watch industry have a major competitor and Rolex is the Group of a company that has been in the luxury watch market since 1983. With their distinctive designs and cutting-edge technology, the price of watches is no different from Rolex is very popular. This means that the company that will be recognized or ranked on this list not only to produce good products but have both quality and value. This must also be a product with a good attitude and good conscience towards people all over the world.

In order to be able to climb to the top, Rolex partly may come from the emotional value of the wearer because Rolex is positioned as a symbol of success in life. So it’s like reward of life that wearer gives it to himself or themselves. When the wearer sees Rolex watch then they are proud of their past success in each stage of life. So that making the Rolex watch become more than a wrist watch in their eyes of consumers and creates more emotions with products than other brands.

So why is Rolex ‘s marketing strategy more impressive than other watch brands when communicating their image to “Reward with yourself and celebrate for success”. Other brands also follow the game of the brand but after studying Rolex ‘s marketing strategy and was found that Rolex chose to promote to selling point with the advertisement that “Hearsay about Rolex” by having celebrities in different circles wear their watches and present it. This brand have a technique to add on value and value to the product is perfectly impressing in the whole world. Not only that but the unique features to another thing on Rolex is the value of goods that transcend time.

Because even the Rolex watches sold in secondhand markets are more bulky than the first-hand market. The value of Rolex is even more pronounced because Rolex does not have many innovations like Apple but instead get a higher score. Do not believe that but must believe when it’s time for you to get to know the mood for the products in your own hand.

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