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Never Say Never 善始善终 Episode 31

Jin Lanlan went to Gukun’s villa after picking up Longlei. Compared to Gukun, Longlei was more informal. Gukun couldn’t get used to his behavior, but because of business, he could only be seen as unseen.

After the last siege in Dunhuang, Longlei became a wanted criminal. Now in China, he can only hide in Tibet, let alone regain his old career. After thinking about selling the equipment, he looked for a better place to enjoy life. These old equipment Longle expelled the high price of five million dollars, and will also introduce the most professional technicians. Jin Lanlan wanted to lower prices, but failed.

Wu Gukun couldn’t get used to Long Lei’s behavior, but Long Lei couldn’t get used to Gukun’s behavior. Jin Lanlan and Gukun took the dragon base to Dunnu’s army, and Chen Sheng was in charge of receiving them. When Long Lei first met Chen Sheng, he felt familiar, but he couldn’t think of where he had met him.

Chen Sheng gave Fang Mo his eyes when he saw that Fang Mo said he wanted to go to the toilet and left. Ma Jie and Gu Tao went to see Long Lei first. In the face of Long Lei’s asking price of 5 million US dollars, Gu Tao hopes to be cheaper. Long Lei took a look at Mas Ring and said that the minimum was 4.5 million. Gu Tao also said that if he can make four million transactions, he can pay now. Long Lei took another look at Ma Sijie and nodded in agreement. However, this equipment needs to be transported by them to the northwest. Chen Sheng told Fang Mo the news of Long Lei’s presence in the barracks. Now their situation is very dangerous, and they can only take one step at a time.

Wu Gukun joked that he asked Long Lei to talk about his killing of the police in China, and Long Lei remembered the last gun battle in Dunhuang cave. He finally remembered that Lieutenant Chen had participated in a gun battle surrounding him. Long Lei came to the yard alone and saw Chen Sheng. Long Lei first said that it was you, so he took out a pistol, but Chen Sheng first fired. Long Lei’s head was shot dead on the spot, and Chen Sheng fainted in the abdomen. If Chen Sheng was not in front, I’m afraid the person who shot was Fang Mo. All this was seen by Jin Lanlan.

Everyone asked what happened to Jin Lanlan, but Jin Lanlan’s mind was a little messy and she couldn’t say anything. Before this matter was explained clearly, these people were all detained in the army.

Kun Dunnuo rushed back to understand the situation. Fang Mo said that it was a pistol drawn by Long Lei, and Jin Lanlan said it was a pistol drawn by Chen Shengxian. One of them must be lying. The news came from the hospital that Chen Sheng was dead, and the situation was a foregone conclusion. Fortunately, Long Lei had already discussed everything before the death. Dunnuor let them hurry to contact Long Lei ’s younger brother Long Kai and hurriedly return the equipment. Doing arms business is the most important thing. So Gu Kun recommended Jin Lanlan to go to the northwest to contact Long Kai to solve the rest of the matter, and Ma Jijie let Fang Mo go along.

Mr. Ma Sui suspected that Fang Mo and Chen Sheng had known each other long ago. Fang Mo said that when he saw his marksmanship was better, he wanted to learn from him, but Chen Sheng ignored him. After returning to the bedroom, Fang Mo’s mood completely collapsed. He didn’t shed tears, just thinking about the days when he laughed and cried together with Chen Sheng. Mr. Maas quit or was skeptical of the other, and then contacted China’s insiders to investigate this person. At the same time, Jin Lanlan felt that Chen Sheng might be a police officer, and Fang Mo had a close relationship with Chen Sheng, so Fang Mo might also be a police officer. Jin Lanlan and Masjid thought of a way to test Fang Mo.

After getting off the plane, Fang Mo looked at the endless desert and was lost in thought, as if the training was just yesterday. One foolishly placed Fang Mo and Jin Lanlan in an old house on the outskirts of the country, and waited until Long Kai was late in the evening. He slaps Jin Lanlan as soon as he meets. He feels that Long Lei’s death was all caused by Jin Lanlan, and Fang Mo blocked him in front of Jin Lanlan. Long Kai claimed that Chen Sheng was the police, while Fang Mo argued that it had nothing to do with himself.

Chen Longkai brought three policemen, saying that they had participated in a gun battle surrounding the dragon base, and Fang Mo would kill these people if he wanted to prove his innocence. Fang Mo took the pistol, looked at the figure, standing position, and tattoos on the wrists, and concluded that this was a round. Fang Mo turned and pointed at Long Kai’s head with a gun and showed unprecedented excitement. He explained the day’s events again, and said that if he wanted to do business, he would continue to talk, if he didn’t want to do it, he would die, and everyone would die.

He asked Jin Lanlan why he wanted to provoke his relationship with Long Kai. It turned out that Long Kai did all this by listening to Jin Lanlan’s suggestions. He didn’t know what to do next and called Masjid, who advised him not to act lightly. He will remit money to Long Kai tomorrow, and the end of Fang’s trial will end there. But Jin Lanlan couldn’t leave the northwest. Long Kai always thought that if it wasn’t for Jin Lanlan’s dragon base, he wouldn’t expect Fang Mo to stand up and speak for Jin Lanlan.

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