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Arsenal Military Academy 烈火軍校 線上看 Episode 43

Zhang Shiling appointed the fire school to protect Professor Chen Huang from the squadron to save Li Wenzhong heroic

Rong Wangfu. Jin Xianrong is ready to leave. He knows that the death of Chengrui Baylor and Rong Wangye is inseparable from her, and she plans to stop her. Jin Xianrong’s men took out their pistols and planned to take a shot to understand the life of Yushun. Yushun first grasped the Japanese hand and let the gun shoot at the sky. When I heard the gunshot, Shen Yinbai and Shen Junshan immediately took out the pistol and confronted Jin Xianrong and his party.

Shen Yinbai accused Jin Xianrong not to make troubles in Rongwang’s house when Rong Wangye and Baylor’s bones were not cold. Jin Xianrong retorted that he wanted to kill himself, and looked at Shen Junshan and asked if he also thought he was killing himself. Their. At this time, Commander Zhang also came to Rongwang. Commander Zhang showed that Jin Xianrong was not too arrogant and told Song Xicheng to find the murderer who killed Rong Rong. Then, Commander Zhang heard from Shen Yinbai that someone was destroying the mining of graphite ore and ordered the Liehe Military Academy to fully accept the security work of the graphite mine. No matter who tried to mutilate the technicians, the students of the Lime Military Academy had the power to directly kill them. .

After returning, Lv instructor and Guo instructor arranged the defense work of the graphite mine to the students. Let them be vigilant at specific locations according to the arranged arrangements, and divide the whistle to protect the technicians.

Xie Tao’s recentimpressionof Li Wenzhong has changed a lot. On the one hand, he helped save his life last time. On the other hand, he often went to Anwen ’s flower shop to help him get rid of those who bullied him. Xie Wei asked if he liked An Wen, and Li Wenzhong hurriedly denied it.
For the next period of time, Gu Yan frame and Ji Yan and others, in accordance with the arrangement of the instructors, hid in a house near the graphite mine to monitor whether there were suspicious people around.

After a while, Huang Song came here carefully to deliver food to everyone. Gu Yan frame because of dissatisfaction with Shen Junshan to divide Xie Yu into their own group, unwilling to eat. Just then, the sound of the broken things came from Professor Chen’s room upstairs. The two went up to check the situation. Mrs. Chen explained that she had broken a cup and told them about the discomfort of Professor Chen. Mrs. Chen took out a prescription and asked them to go to the prescription to help Professor Chen buy medicine. Huang Song had planned to go, but Gu Yan framed an uncomfortable look instead of going out.

Gu Yan framed a good medicine to come to Xie Yishou’s place, and stood upstairs and danced. Upstairs, Xie Wei saw this scene and realized that he was repeating the scene of the old house in Shen, and his face showed a sweet look.

Just as Gu Yan’s frame was coming back downstairs, the Japanese had already come to Professor Chen’s downstairs in advance. They killed the fire school and arranged for a nearby whistle, and ambushed the gunmen around. Professor Chen, who was upstairs, just opened the window and was discovered by the gunmen. Thanks to Huang Song, he rushed to save Professor Chen. However, Mrs. Chen, who heard the gunshot, was killed under the guns of the Japanese. After a while, Li Wenzhong also arrived, but he did not know that there were already gunmen pointing at here. Huang Songfu pushed Li Wenzhong away, but he was bombarded in the body and died under the guns of the Japanese. Li Wenzhong watched Huang Song die in front of his own eyes, his face showing a painful look.

Gu Yan framed the classmates Ji Yan and others screaming and yelling at the name of Huang Song, and finally found the position of the sniper. After killing the sniper, Gu Yan framed and shot back the Japanese who tried to attack the building. The Japanese retired, and a group of people hurriedly sent Huang Song to the hospital, but they had already returned to the sky. Li Wenzhong looked at the body of Huang Song and kept screaming.

Back to school, Guo instructor took the students to hold a meeting for Huang Song. They saluted and fired at the tombstone of Huangsong, and the sadness in their hearts became deeper and deeper.

Gu Yan frame is very blame for the death of Huang Song, and it is believed that this is because he forced him to go out and buy medicine. The school also investigated this situation and punished Gu Yan’s frame for 15 days. In order to punish yourself, Gu Yan frame does not eat or drink for several days. Fortunately, under the comfort of Guo’s instructor, I finally got back on my feet.

After fifteen days, Gu Yan frame completed the punishment. Shen Junshan admitted to him that he had reported him and warned him to abide by the discipline of the army, otherwise it would cause more people to sacrifice.

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