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The Missing Half 遺失的二分之一 (2019)

Lost one-half (2019)
Other Title: 遺失的二分之一 / Yíshī de èr fēn zhī yī / The Missing Half / Yi Shi De 1/2 , Finding the Order Half / 遺失的1/2

Genres: Friendship, Romance
Hsu Fu Hsiang
Release Date:
August 20, 2019
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  • Huang Pei Jia as Su Yan
  • Anson Chen as Lu Jin Yu
  • J.C. Lin as Su Ming Yang
  • Dara Hanfman as Han Juan Juan
  • Edison Wang as Sun Yi

“The Lost One-Two” Taiwanese Idol Play in 2019. Starring Huang Yijia, Chen Yu’an, Wang Jialiang, Lin Zheyi and Han Wei. Su Yan (Huang Yi Jia ornaments) seems to be lively and cheerful, in fact, some inferiority, not willing to open up with family and friends, but fortunately her boyfriend Lu Yuyu (Chen Yi’an) will not leave. Su Yan will step into the marriage hall and decide to use e-mail to cut out his family and friends. A car accident has unexpectedly met. “lost one-half” Su Yan (Huang Yi Jia ornaments) is a girl who seems to be lively and cheerful, but in fact she is somewhat inferior. Because she does not want to open her heart, she has had many misunderstandings and contradictions with her family and friends. Under the care and attention of her boyfriend Lu Yuyu (Chen Yi’an) On the eve of the marriage, she decided to confide her friends and relatives by email and uncover all the hidden truths. This password letter also opened up memories of the past youthful past, but a car accident unexpectedly arrived at this time.

A story revolving around a car accident, coded letters and hidden secrets from the past. Su Yan may seem bright and cheery on the outside but inside is a young woman who is full of insecurities. Because she refuses to open up, she often gets into disagreements with her family and friends. Through the support and care of her boyfriend Lu Jin Yu, Su Yan decides to write letters to her friends on the eve before her wedding to reveal her honest feelings and a truth about the past. The letters open up old memories, yet an accident comes at the most unexpected time. Source:

Episodes Lists:

  • Episodes 1
  • Episodes 2
  • Episodes 3
  • Episodes 4
  • Episodes 5
  • Episodes 6
  • Episodes 7
  • Episodes 8
  • Episodes 9
  • Episodes 10
  • Episodes 11
  • Episodes 12
  • Episodes 13
  • Episodes 14

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