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Pokemon the Movie (2003)

Pokemon the Movie/Advanced Generation Seven Nights Wishing Star Jirachi (2003)


On the night of the Millennium Comet, which can only be seen for 7 days once every 1,000 years, Satoshi and his party meet the magician Butler at Pokemon Park. One day, “Jirachi” awoke from the “sleeping cocoon” he had. It is a legendary Pokémon that is said to grant a human wish only once in a thousand years. Satoshi and his friends are delighted, but Butler hides a terrible ambition…


A new series where unique new Pokemon play an active role will be released for the first time in the movie. The legendary Pokemon “Jirachi”, which has not yet been revealed in the game, will finally make its appearance. A great adventure of love, courage, and excitement that unfolds on the night of the comet once in a thousand years. The voice of the mysterious magician is handled by Koichi Yamadera, who is very popular with children as the moderator of “Oha Suta” (TV Tokyo) and has many hands in the animation film world. Hanako Yamada narrated the short comedy “Dancing Pokémon Secret Base”, which was screened at the same time, adding color to the laughter.

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