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Brave Heart 2 (2021) 勇敢的心2

Brave Heart 2 (2020)
Other Title: 勇敢的心2 / Yong Gan De Xin 2

Genres: Drama, Period, War
Bai Shan, Hai Tao (海涛)
Guo Jing Yu, Wei Feng Hua (魏风华)
Release Date: 
Dec 29, 2021 – Feb 2, 2022
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  • Yang Zhi Gang as Tong Jiarui
  • Zhang Zi Jian as Ouyang Zhende
  • He Hua as Zhi Zi
  • Wang Zhen as Shen Tong
  • Kou Shi Xun as Feng Ye
  • Ni Hong Jie as Zhang Qinghong
  • Zhang Kai Tai as Ouyang Gongjin
  • Yang Kun as Aunt Su
  • Wang Zhi Yi as Dong Sumei
  • Qiu Kai Wei as Dongcun Mulang
  • Zhao Xiao Su as Du Xiaomao
  • Jiang Tao as Teacher Chen
  • Jia Hong Wei as Zhong Lianzhang
  • Ji Chen Mu as You Banxian
  • Lin Da Nuo as A Pi
  • Niu Bei Ren as Guan Dadao
  • Zhang Yi Duo as Xu Xian
  • Wan Jia Lin as Yan Sichi
  • Zhang Guo Qing as Uncle Bo
  • Dong Qi Ming as Mr. Feng
  • Wu Ying as Du Sheng’s wife
  • Ge Zhao Mei as Granny Lin


In 1937, Tong Jiaru, a native of Rehe, left his hometown to teach Chinese at Shanghai Niezhongcheng Middle School. His adopted daughter became disabled. He was forced to stay behind when he wanted to flee south again. Witnessing the aggressor cruelty to his compatriots, he swallowed his anger only to save his life. Student Ouyang is working for the country and is in dire need of assistants. Tong Jiaru bites the bullet to help. Ouyang sacrificed, and Tong Jiaru was exposed to the Japanese spy Higashimura.

He skillfully handled the task and got rid of suspicion. Ouyang boss Yang Xiao was arrested and Tong Jiaru rescued him. Wife Gardenia just gave birth to her son Hope, but was killed for protecting Yang Xiao. In half a year, the four murderers who participated in the killing of Gardenia were all killed by Tong Jiaru without showing their feet.

Suffering from no evidence, Dongcun tried to use cruel tools of torture to force Tong Jiaru to confess. The Communists organized a demonstration of teachers and students to rescue Tong Jiaru. Three years later, Tong Jiaru used himself as a bait to help comrades from the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to unite in addition to the Japanese spy base. The Japanese invaders surrendered, Dongcun was unwilling to fail to kidnap Hope, and forced Tong Jiaru to fight with him. The comrades-in-arms overpowered East Village and rescued Hope. Dongcun scolded Tong for being a coward. Tong Jiaru told him: “When dealing with invaders, the Chinese have a brave heart.”

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