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Return the world to you Episode 50

Shen Yien has always regarded Lu Zhun as Qi Lei could not help but cry, she really can’t stand it, because she loves Ye Qilei, and also loves Lu Jun, she took out the ring that Qi Lei sent her. Lu Zhun did not dare to admit it. It was just a constant sophistry. He also said that it is ridiculous to regard other people’s fiancé as Ye Qilei. Shen Yien took out a photo of Lu Jun’s rescue of her. Originally, she thought that Qi Lei was dead, and she died two times. Lu is step by step to rekindle her hope. Lu Zhuan said that it was her illusion. Yi En cried in tears. Lu Zhuben wanted to help her wipe her tears. When he was about to approach, he stopped. He sincerely apologized to Yi En and tore away Yi En and His photo. He let Yuen forget that he left helplessly. Shen Yien was crying and tearing his heart.

Lu Zhun returned to the company, Yin Wei suddenly appeared to scare him. Yin Wei decided to hold a wedding three weeks later, and Lu Junyi was absent-minded. On the other side, Shen Yien went home, and she glued the broken photo of Lu Jun back with adhesive tape.

Mo Xu took Yin Wei to Qin’s studio, and Sun Peter did not have a good face. Qin also said that he would have time to explain with him. Qin also and Yin Wei discussed the issue of wedding design, Wen Wei has been unable to figure out why Qin will also agree to take this single business. At this time, Bi Bi east and east of two people at home those days, Bi east eat very happy just to coax Cen not happy. I am not guilty of anything that I will not do.
Mr. Huo knows that Lu Zhun is ready to go to war. He is going to throw out the equity in the process of rising stock price.

He guessed that Lu Zhun will definitely see the short-selling Huo. He is preparing to intervene when he is hooked on the ground. At this time, Mr. Huo received a bank notice, and all the funds on his account were emptied by the account of Mr. Huo who invaded Huo. Teacher Huo was so angry that he had smashed his mobile phone, but his money was not clean, so he did not dare to call the police.

I didn’t learn to cook at home, and Bidong ridiculed her to learn to be a good wife and a good mother. Bi Dong took her to the downstairs of a building. At this time, the original employees were welcome to reinstate her. It turned out that Bidong bought a slap in the face, but he did not know it.

Shen Yien collected a lot of travel information and wanted to let her go out to travel together. She didn’t tell her that she had reinstated. Yi En analyzed that this person must have liked it and didn’t want her to know. On the other hand, Mo Xu was very fond of Yin Wei’s wedding. He picked a lot of places. Lu Zhun told him not to be busy, Yin Wei plans to hold a wedding in Shanghai. At this time, Yin Wei took the dessert to see Lu Zhun, and Mo Xu contacted the venue to arrange the clearance. Yin Wei said that he did not want Yin Wei’s own wedding to affect the work of normal people. She advocated a simple and simple wedding.

Yin Wei gave Yi En an invitation and hoped that she would attend her wedding with Lu Zhun. Shen Yien looked at the invitations and mixed feelings, but still said that the wedding will definitely attend. At this time, Lu Zhun took the invitation to find Mr. Huo, and Mr. Huo congratulated him for finding such a big backing and it would lose Yi En. Lu Junfang said that it should be returned sooner or later.

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