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Return the world to you Episode 48

After Bi Dong came out of the computer room, she kept track of Fan Yi . She was the teacher who was deliberately arranged by Shen Yien . The information disclosure was also a good thing for her. Bi Dong sent the location and photos to Qin . Qin also immediately followed the positioning to find the past, they followed Fan Yi to a shopping mall. At this time, Fan Yi had found that Bi Dong was tracking himself. Qin also went to a coffee shop with Fan Yi and met with Mr. Huo and Mr. Huo. They disappeared in a blink of an eye. Everyone who saw the Bidong implanted tracking system threw the phone into the trash.

I don’t doubt that the joint man of Fan Yi is likely to be Huo, but with the help of Qin and Yi En for so many years, they fully trust Mr. Huo. Bi Zhen Dong thinks Collection of an accident Lu quasi replaced the ink promises to become shareholders song Pelin, and they are all Luton group of people, so long layout certainly has a greater conspiracy. He did not recognize Bi Dong’s thoughts. They speculated that no matter whether the people behind Meng Fanzhen were on the ground, they would have other actions.

When Mr. Huo was in an abandoned building, Mr. Huo blamed her for inadvertently exposing her identity. Huo’s teacher planned to arrange for her to escape from the country to avoid the limelight. Originally five years ago, she and Qiu together designed Qi Lei. She installed the positioning system remotely in Ye Qilei’s car, which caused Ye Qilei’s brakes to fail.
On the other hand, Bidong successfully hacked out the hacker who had framed the counterfeit goods and refused to comply with the promise to invite him to dinner.

After returning home, Bi Dong concentrated on making a cake, and took a bunch of flowers and married her sister. In fact, my sister is also very difficult. Bi Dong lost his parents very early. It is his sister who is busy making money to take care of him. Bi Dong took advantage of her sister’s good mood to show her that she only thought about her favorite life and didn’t want to take over Bishop. The sister promised him to give him a few years to go out and take a look. Bi Dong proposed to create a media company with a starting capital of 200 million yuan. The sister sent someone to secretly investigate the ambiguity. She thought that 岑 was not close to Bidong for money.

Lu Zhun has successfully entered the company to become the second largest shareholder, and Mo Xu asked him to acquire Korius as soon as possible. It turned out that Lu Zhun caught the mysterious foreigner in France. From his mouth, he knew that Huo was the murderer who framed him. He hated it very much. He couldn’t let him go so easily, and decided to let him fall. Mo Xu blames him for setting up a bureau but staring at him. Lu Zhun also has dissatisfaction. He blames Mo Xu Mingming for knowing that Yi En and Qin have no relationship but still glaring at him.

He is afraid of Lu Zhun and Yi Enhui. The old situation rekindled. They know that I3 must have been designed by Mr. Huo. He wants to use I3 to create the illusion that Yien suspects that Moxu will calm down the incident as soon as possible. Five years ago, the Holmes Group was a small company, and Mr. Huo was framed by Ye Qilei in order to complete the gambling agreement.

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