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Hello Tomorrow 明天你好 (Movie 2019)

Hello Tomorrow
Also known as: 少年的你 / The Youthful You / The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful / 少年的你 / 如此美丽 / 更好的明天 / Shao Nian De Ni / Shao Nian De Ni / Ru Ci Mei Li / Geng Hao De Ming Tian

Genre: Friendship, Psychological, Romance, School, Drama
China Mainland
Derek Kwok
Release Date:
Jun 27, 2019
Related Show:
Based on the novel Young & Beautiful by Jui Yue Xi.


  • Zhou Dong Yu as Chen Nian
  • Jackson Yi as Xiao Bei
  • Yin Fang as Zheng Yi
  • Huang Jue as Lao Yang
  • Wu Yue as Chen Nian’s mother
  • Zhang Yao as Li Xiang

The film revolves around a girl who is being bullied at school and her relationship with a tough street kid, with whom she is implicated in the murder of a teenage girl. Source: ScreenDaily

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