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Walk Into Your Memory 走進你的記憶 Episode 5

Yi Mingjun took a bunch of flowers to visit the summer , and thanked Yi Mingjun for his gratitude in the summer. Yi Mingjun invited her to dinner, but in the summer she used the excuse of being busy and rejected his invitation. Yi Mingjun did not ask her to invite her. She had no choice in taking her in the summer and had to agree to his invitation. In the evening, the two were dating in the restaurant.

Ming Jun proposed to make his girlfriend in the summer, and he proposed to marry him directly in the summer. Ming Jun was shocked. In the summer, I told Ming Jun that I was very cautious about my feelings. Since I have not been married as a premise, there is no need to start. In the summer, Ming Jun’s head was left. Ming Jun became more and more interested in the summer, and called the director to let the female host’s position play in the summer.

In the restaurant, Yi Mingjun asked Anning to test what girls really like. When he saw that he was not right, he saw from his eyes that Mingjun confessed to the summer. Peace directly indicates that Yi Mingjun and the summer are not suitable, let him die this heart. Yi Mingjun is in a hurry and swears, swearing that peace does not understand women, don’t mess things up. Yi Mingjun sent a diamond necklace in the summer, and did not appreciate it in the summer. He also left Yi Mingjun to leave.

Long Yuqian recalled the moment of intimacy with her, and found that she was not vomiting with her, and she was very novel. At this time, Yi Mingjun called Long Xiaoqian and said that he lost his love and let him come out to comfort himself. The two came to the bar and just saw the tranquility sitting with the summer and decided to say hello. The four people sat together, and the peace of mind accidentally said that Yi Mingjun spent a lot of money to make the position of the woman in the summer, so that the summer was very angry, and Yi Mingjun did not understand what he wanted. Long Yuqian was stunned by her intimacy and tranquility, and the four people were unhappy. After the summer and Yi Mingjun left, Anning was accidentally hit by people, and Qian Qian held her in her arms, and the feelings of the two gradually developed a subtle reaction.

When I got home in the summer, the debt collectors had found the door. The summer mother wanted to rely on the loan shark to rewrite the book, but did not think about all the input. In the summer, they can give themselves some time, but the brothers propose to let themselves spend the night with themselves, then 200,000 yuan will not be pursued. In the summer, they refused to humiliate and took a fruit knife to kill them. In the end, they reached a unanimous agreement to let them pay 300,000 yuan in the summer for three days, and they no longer pursue their responsibilities.
Today is the day of tranquility, and the chefs have been waiting for a long time.

After the teacher finished, the waiter had a VIP member’s birthday and let the chef Gongchen make a bowl of longevity noodles. After the chef has finished the longevity noodles, he also told everyone that if you want to make a dish with your heart, you must first understand it and then love someone seriously. You must first understand him. The tranquility reminisces with the chef’s words. Yi Mingjun called Anning aside and begged for peace to help him pursue the summer.

Anning said that the two are not suitable. The summer looks mature and stable, but in fact it is particularly simple. It is neither a poor person who is greedy and poor, but also a person who is striving for progress. Yi Mingjun is not a thorn to be a friend, but as a lover, Yi Mingjun is unqualified. What Yi Mingjun brings to the summer is not the so-called help, but the summer is even more troublesome. True love is not a burden, but a share. Long Haoqian returned the lunch box to Anning, just to hear the conversation between the two.

In the summer, I found a friend borrowing money and hitting the wall everywhere. She could ask the person who borrowed it, but no one can really help her. She sold the car, but she couldn’t make up for the hole. The summer mother asked her to seek peace, and the tranquility home helped a lot in the summer. She refused to help Ann and decided to get engaged with the rich. The other party was willing to pay 300,000 yuan to pay back the debt in the summer. Anxious.

When Anning came to the staff bedroom, he heard Nana crying and crying. Anning saw Nana’s experience, she witnessed a car accident, but now I don’t know how to be good. Peace does not know how to comfort her, she will hold her in her arms. Anning came to the hospital to visit Nana’s father. He learned from his eyes that his father wanted to get married, so tell his father’s decision and let them get ready to get married! Peace does not understand that everyone always passes by happiness. If Nana’s father agreed to the wedding earlier, or if Nana no longer forced her father, then the ending would be different.

Summer and his fiancé appeared in Long Yiqian’s restaurant. Yi Mingjun saw her strange man and the summer pull, then took her from the man and took her out of the dinner. Yi Mingjun screamed that the summer was not clean, and said that he did not like the unspoken rules, but his body was very honest. Yi Mingjun scolded the summer for not checking, and then there was a dispute between the two. Ming Jun had a strong kiss and kissed the summer, but in the summer he suddenly fell into a coma.

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