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Walk Into Your Memory 走進你的記憶 Episode 4

In the theater, the director informed that the body would be wet in the summer to prepare for the new drama. During the filming process, I deliberately bullied the summer and tried it out. The director did not see the past, but he still did not follow the routine, and even the fans had more than a dozen big mouths in the summer. Yi Mingjun came to the studio to visit and saw that he was bullied in the summer, and his heart was not a taste. Finally, he was beaten to the inability to fall into the pool and stunned. Yi Mingjun rushed to rescue, which made the summer out of danger.

The director accused him of being unconcerned and ended his shooting today. The summer body was unwell and the agent took her to the hospital. Yi Mingjun asked her about the summer, and learned that the family conditions in the summer were not good. The father of the summer was a gambler. He died in the back because of a traffic accident. In the summer, he took several pictures in order to pay off his debts in the summer. Yi Mingjun was distressed by the summer experience and felt dissatisfied with her.

Anning casually picked a black lace skirt, originally thought that Long Haoqian would be dissatisfied and rejected, but he was approved to buy it. Anning Zhiwuwu told Qi Qian that the price of the clothes was not bad, but he bought it because of his face and gave it to him in stages. Long Yuqian makes Anning’s new style, and the peaceful rebuttal is that he looks good and looks good.

On the way back, Qian Qian did not hesitate to ask for peace, and Uncle Bai had any thoughts on the resort project. Although Anning is somewhat impatient, he is still doing business, telling him everything he will see. It turned out that Uncle Bai had a long-term intention to talk about cooperation, because Qian Qian was not impressed with him a while ago, which caused unnecessary trouble. Yu Qian knows that the winner is in the grip and is complacent. Anning debunked the true face of Long Yuqian. At the beginning, he used the peace. Since the Qian Qian conspiracy has been seen, there is no need to continue cooperation. Peace and hate that you should not do things to hide and hide, you should learn to be open and honest, in order to become a successful businessman.

Qi Qian said that since Ann can see his memory, why can’t understand his own intentions. Anning yelled at him as an excuse to take the past and turned him away.

When Qian Qian returned home, his condition continued to deteriorate, and he was so anxious that he rushed to call the doctor. The doctor saw the painful sorrow and wanted to persuade him to give up hypnosis. Every time he succumbs to illness, he can only rely on hypnosis to maintain it. But this is not a long-term solution. It will only make Qian Qian rely on hypnosis and his condition will be more serious.

In the dining hall, the employees in the hotel are gathering together to eat. Ma Menglu deliberately picks up things, laughs and peace, no boys like, even teasing her if a man will look at himself. Peaceful and ingenious, said that he could not think about it, where there is such a blessing. Successfully married the manager. Then Ma manager pointed the finger at Gongchen , and the acid palace was still young and young. Gong Chen gas, but on the spot and the horse manager turned his face. A few rounds down, Gong Chen won’t be martial, or lost to the manager of the horse, and finally the manager of the horse and others went away, leaving only the back of the palace.

In the summer, I am grateful to the broker to send myself to the hospital, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. The agent just wanted to explain, the director informed the summer to prepare for the filming. Long Haoqian came to find peace and decided to talk to her about cooperation. Peaceful deliberately doing the subway, Qian Qian had to find a way to squeeze into the subway. Yan Qian suddenly felt unwell, and when he saw him, he took him out of the subway station and went to a convenience store. Long Haoqian asked how much money Anning would let her agree to the cooperation. Peace shows that this has nothing to do with money. I hope that Long Haoqian can think about it.

When Long Yuqian returned home, he held the trash can and spit and smashed. Yi Mingjun came to see him at home and talked with him about the pursuit of summer. Long Yuqian did not dare to be interested, so he left Yi Mingjun to go upstairs. Anning worried about the situation of Qian Qian, he called him. Long Yuqian did not start, and Anning checked the “girl allergies” on the Internet. I haven’t waited for the display page to open, and I hurriedly shut down the computer.

The next day, Anning came to visit Longji Qianjia, and was instantly attracted by the style of their home decoration. Anning worried about the physical condition of Long Yuqian, he carefully prepared him with white porridge. Long Yiqian’s temptation to investigate the contract of Anning is considered. Anning thinks about the contract. In the past, those who are not happy to come face to face, calm and ready to leave. Yan Qian wanted to retain her, but accidentally fell down the stairs together. When the two men shook the gods, Qian Qian’s hand was touching the peaceful buttocks. In order to lift the shackles, peace and urgency left, and Qian Qian suddenly When he saw his injury, Du Kai was alone. Then Qian Qian rushed to find peace, hoping she could tell herself what she saw at the party. Peaceful and uninteresting leave, but also ordered that the contract of the Qianqian is based on his own feelings, and this is satisfied.

Returning to the play in the summer, seriously prepare for the next scene. At this time, a man suddenly appeared with a bunch of flowers, concerned about whether the summer body recovered.

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