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Walk Into Your Memory 走進你的記憶 Episode 2

Long Yuqian knows that the super power of tranquility decided to hire peace to help them find lost memories.

Although peaceful ready to go, but she smelt old Tom, before you go brewed a pot of soup for everyone, we have to praise, to cope with the evening banquet is perfectly adequate. Just as tranquility was about to go, Gong Chen came back from Long Yuqian . Gong Chen told Ann to never give up his dream of being a chef. He assured Long Yiqian with his own personality. Peace is not a commercial spy, and the grandfather of peace is the master of Gongchen. Long Haoqian promised Gong Chen to make peace. Stay, but must be impressed by cooking.

Then Anning showed his craft to cook a bowl of Yangchun noodles for Long Yuqian. Long Yuqian ate Yang Chun noodles and remembered the taste of his grandmother in his childhood. Unfortunately, his grandmother was sick. Although this bowl of Yangchun noodles touched him, he was even more suspicious of the identity of tranquility. Anning explained that he could see the memory of others. Long Haoqian felt incredible and did not believe it at all. eyes saw him last night and easily could maintain dialogue. Long Yuqian looked at Anning’s letter of swearing rather than deceiving, and decided to give her a chance to prove herself, and then the two went to the road.

An old grandmother got Alzheimer’s disease and couldn’t find her way home. When the police uncle was in a dilemma, Anning saw the family address from the grandmother’s eyes and went to the grandmother to go home with the police uncle. Qian also followed the car. Sure enough, the son of the old man was looking for her in anxious place. In order to thank him for the peace, he gave Ain a sum of money. After the peace refused to useless, he took it down. This made Long Xiaoqian on the side very disdainful.

Long Yuqian thought that tranquility should take money for himself. I did not expect that when he turned around, he gave money to the father and daughter who begged on the ground and gave them all the money they had. Long Hao’s heart was touched, but he also laughed at her stupidity. Peace said the sorrow of begging her father and daughter. Then the two went to the restaurant to observe the people in the restaurant, without exception, they were right. Long Yuqian could not find the flaws. He decided to leave Aning to work in the kitchen. Anning finally took a sigh of joy and blossomed the lake, but she hoped that Long Haoqian could help her to protect her super power.

Long asked from the subordinates that Long Yuqian had not seen the psychiatrist for two months, and asked his subordinates to continue to pay attention to Long Yuqian. Longmu is eating at the restaurant with the old friend. She wants to introduce the old friend’s daughter Miner to Qian Qian. In fact, it is for commercial interests. Miner’s clothes are rebellious and there is no such thing as putting the dragon mother in the heart. I have no interest in Long Yuqian. After the meal, the dragon mother called Long Xiaoqian to ask why he did not come. Long Yiqian was not interested, and said that the Gulf project would find a way to win it.

Yi Mingjun wore a chef’s suit and Long Yuqian drinking in the room. He hoped that Long Haoqian would help him keep secrets of his absence from studying abroad and not let his father know. Yi Mingjun asked Long Xiaoqian why he changed his mind to leave peace, and teased him whether he was looking at the beauty of tranquility. Long Haoqian gave him a blank eye.

In the summer, he received a game from Kass to the hotel. He did not expect to be under the director’s unspoken rules. He did not want to compromise in the summer and broke away from the director. He told him that his dignity is the greatest strength of his life. After he finished playing the director’s key, this scene I was seen by Yi Mingjun at the door. After opening the door in summer, Yi Mingjun left with a glance and left, and Yi Mingjun laughed awkwardly.

In the evening, summer and tranquility were eating at the street stalls, and they were complaining about each other’s wonderful things. Long Haoqian called Anning and let her arrive at the hotel within an hour. Anning hurried to the hotel, Long Haoqian gave a contract to Anning, the salary is 20% higher than her normal good medicine, she can also send her to study abroad, to cover all the benefits, but the premise is to help him find out When he lost his memory that year, he did not understand who the men and women in memory were. Why did he vomit when he touched a woman, and accepted the contract with ease, and agreed to Long Yuqian.

Anning returned to the house with a contract, looking at the contract in her hand, she was also very emotional inside, perhaps the missing memory is not perfect for life, she decided to help Long Qianqian to find memories. When Anning returned to her home, she wouldn’t ask for a place to pay her salary, because during the day her friend called to show off her daughter’s marriage. Anmu thought that peace was so big that she hadn’t married yet, even the man’s When the hands are signed, they are angry, and they call them to make money. The two men were lifted up again. Anmu’s worthlessness of tranquility was worthless. Peaceful but confidently thought that she was very good, and she was leaving her mother’s mouth.

Colleagues of Longteng Hotel Company said that they saw Anning appear in Long Yuqian’s office last night. Ma Menglu heard that his feet were not standing at the door and would fall. Gongchen appeared in the back and hugged Monroe in time. Eyes look at each other.

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