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Unrequited Love (2019) 暗恋橘生淮南 Episode 21 Recap

Sheng Huainan’s mother was worried about her husband, so she sneaked out of the hospital. Sheng Huainan found her mother, but she saw her in a daze and pale. Sheng’s mother was no longer arrogant and bullying. She whispered and told her son that many years ago, one of the machines purchased by Sheng’s father was scrapped. As a result, an accident happened and killed a woman’s husband. This woman kept reporting and appealing.

This time, this person submitted the materials and pulled Sheng’s father down. Sheng Huainan’s expression seemed to freeze, and his mother was still telling him word by word that this woman had a daughter who was also studying at Zhenhua High School and later was admitted to Beixin University.

Sheng Huainan’s premonition grew stronger. At night, he finally couldn’t help but dialed Luo Zhi’s phone, and wanted to ask whether Luo Zhi’s mother was the woman who appealed. At this point, Luo Zhi can only admit that the two young people are like eggplants smashed by frost. The flame of love seemed insignificant in the storm of fate. Sheng Huainan hung up the phone abruptly. He didn’t know how to face Luo. orange. Sheng’s mother was also taken away by the police for questioning. Sheng Huainan was very worried about her mother, but could do nothing.

Belle ran into Zhang Mingrui in the cafeteria. The two were a little worried about Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi’s relationship and decided to help them. At this time, Sheng Huainan had already returned to school. He whispered to find the domineering brother Wang Wei in the past for help, hoping to use the strength of Wang Wei’s parents to help his parents clear the crime.

Belle and Zhang Mingrui carefully “planned” to let Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan meet in a coffee shop, but when Sheng Huainan saw Luo Zhi, he turned away with a cold face, Zhang Mingrui chased after him dissatisfied, and asked Sheng Huainan why he was not cold. Hot, Sheng Huainan grabbed Zhang Mingrui’s collar, roared and talked about the embarrassment in his home and the embarrassing situation between him and Luo Zhi, Zhang Mingrui was shocked.

Cai Shuang took Chen Jing out for a trip. Unexpectedly, the car broke down and had to go to the 4S shop for repairs. However, Chen Jing came across Ding Shuijing there by accident and Chen Jing was very uncomfortable. Sheng Huainan went to Wang Wei for help again. Wang Wei made a condition and asked Sheng Huainan to take the exam for himself. Sheng Huainan bit the bullet and agreed, but was caught by the invigilator in the examination room.

On the other hand, Belle enlightened Luo Zhi in the dormitory. Luo Zhi walked out absent-mindedly, but was surprised to see the school’s disposition announcement, cancelling Sheng Huainan’s bachelor’s degree. Luo Zhi panicked and didn’t know how to help Sheng Huainan, so he could only go to Jack’s mother, Sheng Huainan’s aunt, hoping that she would find a way to help.

In any case, Luo Zhi hoped that Sheng Huainan would be the proud son of heaven who was blessed with everything he needed. Even if they would forget each other, Luo Zhi would have no regrets. When Luo Zhi returned to the bedroom, Belle enthusiastically told her that she had signed up to teach in Qinghai and wanted to find her own meaning there.

Chen Jing took the initiative to meet with Ding Shuijing. She confessed that she knew that Luoyang’s love was not strong, and if Ding Shuijing hadn’t been forced by her bitterness, Luoyang would probably not propose so quickly. However, Chen Jing is now pregnant, and she feels she has a greater backing.

Ding Shuijing’s mind became a mess. She involuntarily walked to the art exhibition hall. There was a painting painted by Luoyang herself. The name was Parallel Space. Luoyang’s explanation of this painting was: Maybe in another world, I like you.

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