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Walk Into Your Memory 走進你的記憶 Episode 1

Peace can see the memory of others Long Haoqian vomits when he touches a woman

On a sunny day, Anning woke up from the morning dreams and cooked a delicious fried rice for himself. After spending the morning, I dressed myself to prepare for a blind date. The summer in the sports car in the doorway has already been waiting for it, ready to send Anning to the place. In the summer, I wear a dress in the clothes of Aning, a green coat with a yellow hat, like a farm cucumber but still smile and wish a peaceful date. success.

Long Yuqian was in the car and Yi Mingjun was on the phone. Anning was picking his teeth against the window glass. Long Haoqian stunned and shook the window. The tranquility was so embarrassing, as if he wanted to find a hole to drill down, and he would like to praise the interior decoration. Then ran into the hotel.

Long Haoqian talked with Wang Shu at the hotel, and the situation was not so smooth. The object of peace and affection was against her. She saw his past misdeeds from the other’s eyes and decided to play with him. After ordering a full table of dishes, she left the bathroom and left.

In the elevator, Anning was still indignant and glaring at the object of the blind date. Long Haoqian also just talked about the matter and walked into the elevator. In the elevator, An Ning’s nerves sang a song, and Long Yuqian thought that the tranquility of the spirit was abnormal, and she had already called her cucumber essence in her heart. Suddenly the elevator broke down, the two were trapped in the elevator, and the tranquility was scared to jump directly to Long Yuqian. Long Yuqian was very disgusted. Fortunately, the workers quickly opened the elevator and the two came out of the elevator. Long Yuqian has never been close to a female color. As long as she is touched by a woman, she will be sick and vomiting. Anning thinks that he is being scared.

When Long Haoqian got on the bus, he received a call from the chairman of the board, saying that he was waiting for him at home. The chairman’s blame for the lack of Long Haoqian’s ability led to the failure of the mall business, but for the first time, it did not say much. Long Yuqian also said that he would try his best to make up for it. Although the two are fathers and sons, the relationship is not very good.

Peace and happiness did not succeed, but also ordered a 30-degree dish. When they got home, they were chased by Anmu to run the yard. Fortunately, the grandfather was very painful and peaceful, helping the peace to talk and fooling. Anning dressed up with a pair of grimace to see her, and the fart was followed by the grandfather and entered the house.

Although the blind date is not smooth, but peace is still awkward, and believe that love is waiting for her not far away. Anning wearing a wedding dress in the bathroom and squatting the toilet is imagining the future. Anmu slammed into the stomach and rushed into the toilet. The relationship between the mother and the daughter was like a sister. Of course, the peace was bombarded.

Yi Mingjun about to drink at the bar, Yi Mingjun saw that he was touched by a woman and told him that he would go to Canada tomorrow, but he said he had a surprise before he left. Seeing the ladies coming over to toast, Yi Mingjun rushed to drink. In the evening, Long Yuqian dreamed about the thing ten years ago. Someone in the dream shouted and hated him. He was awakened from his dreams with sweat.

Today is the first day of the post-employment of Anning to the Dragon Hotel, and the first day of Yi Mingjun’s appointment. Gong Chen is the late chef of Longteng and the apprentice of Anning Grandpa. Now he is the master of Aning. Ma Menglu is the manager of the lobby. He is proud of himself. He is very concerned about dressing and dressing. The actual age is 32. He can be said to be 23 years old. He often walks on a pair of high-heeled work, which makes Gongchen very uncomfortable. It’s very important for Longteng’s kitchen to have a party today. Long Haoqian decided to go to the kitchen to inspect the work.

When Anning smashed the kitchen on the floor, he accidentally knocked over the old soup and drenched himself. This old soup is a feature of the banquet tonight. When everyone is worried about this, Long Haoqian comes in. After Long Yuqian went to the kitchen, he discovered that Yi Mingjun’s surprise to him was actually working in the kitchen, hating his teeth. Then I saw the tranquility hiding in one place, and the old soup that was overturned. I didn’t hit a place, called Anning to the office, and calculated the old account and decided to dismiss the peace. Peaceful dissatisfaction, said that he can re-cook the old soup, but was not promised by Long Haoqian. From the eyes of Long Yuqian, Anning saw the memory he was reprimanded by the chairman of the board, and he laughed at him because he was angered by his lack of ability. Long Xiaoqian was surprised how she knew this and suspected that she was a commercial spy. The two men quarreled, and Gong Chen rushed from the kitchen to speak for peace.

Peaceful and arrogant from the office of Long Yuqian, put on his own clothes and say goodbye to the colleagues in the kitchen, colleagues are very sad, Yi Mingjun to see peace and want to go, secretly knowing that Long Xiaoqian does not know how to pity.

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