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Another Me 七月与安生 Episode 33

In July, shecried andtold Ms. Lin about Ansheng and Han Dong . Ms. Lin comforted her in July and said that she and Ansheng grew up together. The view on many things is the same as hatefulness. Let’s not be sad in July. In July, she said that she had resigned. Lin’s mother did not blame for July, but told her that she would not be ill at all.

An Sheng took the gift to the house to find July, and Lin’s mother stopped An Sheng. An Sheng wants to go see July, but Ms. Lin said that she has slept in July, and she can’t see her for a while. Anson is a bit embarrassed and has to say that it is good to talk to Lin. Ms. Lin knows about things in July and Ansheng, and advises Anshun to not meet with July during this time. Anson explained that he did not think about hurting July, nor did he think about robbing her boyfriend.

Ansheng was helpless and came to his home. He was so cold and warm to An Sheng, but his aunt was extremely pessimistic. He learned that An Sheng’s resignation began without the future of Dong’an. However, An Sheng confidently promised that when his younger brother went abroad to study abroad, he could go to school for his younger brother.

When Ansheng came home and saw the prickly pear placed on the coffee table, he felt deeply. This was given to Ansheng in September , which meant that Ansheng was tenacious. In the evening, An Sheng was eating a noodle, and a sense of loneliness came to his heart, and he could not help but cry. In July, the family was in a good mood. When they were eating, Dad and Mom care about July, but in July they remembered their past.

In the supermarket, Ansheng met Jiaming, and it turned out that Jiaming had returned to Ningbo in the near future. An Sheng said that he had a bad time in July recently. Jia Ming blamed himself and caused him to fall into such a field in July because of his escape from marriage. Anson sent some health supplements in July to show his sincerity, but in July he did not appreciate it and let his mother return it. In July, I received an invitation call from the class reunion. In September, I was reluctant to let July participate. I think that there is no career and love in July. But in July, in order to see his last side before Xutian went abroad, he could only go.

After packing in July, she went to the class meeting. After she arrived, she suddenly didn’t want to go in, but after meeting the classmates, she had to follow. The seats were as if they were said in September. Everyone was comparing each other, and they kept talking about the things that Jiaming had escaped from marriage. It was very unhappy to listen to it in July, and looked at the students on the table. In July, I had to drink a glass of wine. Jia Ming worried about the situation in July, let Ansheng go to look for July, when An Sheng rushed, July was already drunk, and quickly left in July.

After the party came back, she never went out in July, so Ansheng was very worried and followed her to see her in September. I didn’t want to see An Sheng in July, but I was angry and gave birth to An Sheng. When An Sheng saw that he could still be angry with himself in July, he was relieved.

In the temple, An Sheng met in September when he prayed. Suddenly there was a heavy rain outside. In September, a horror story was told to accompany An Sheng. Ansheng felt afraid to hide in the arms of September. In fact, I have always liked Ansheng in September, but I have been waiting for precious opportunities. Finally, I finally couldn’t help but confess in September.

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