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The Living Dead Introduction Synopsis

The film “The Soul of Chen Qingling” is an extravagant part of “Chen Qing Ling”, which mainly tells the story of Wen Ning and Lan Si chasing together to explore the truth of the past, and is also the story of growth.

In the trailer released by Guanbo, we can see the thrilling atmosphere, and the appearance of Wenning Angel and Lansi chasing the little cute, comforting the hearts of many fans. The official essay is to say that Wen Ning thinks about it, and explores the truth of the past together. I don’t know what kind of story will happen. What kind of plot is there?

In “Chen Qing Ling”, Wen Ning and Si Ching are the only remaining orphans in Wen. After the night of the night, Wen was annihilated, and the age of Ayuan was completely lost. He was taken back to the blue home by the blue forgetting machine, and changed to the name of Lansi. It became a gentle and jade and humility. Little son. And the “Soul of the Love Story” or the original class in “Chen Qing Ling” starred, but the center of the story is no longer a forget, but a story about the juniors who are thinking about chasing, and when the chasing and other juniors go out When hunting at night, Wenning will secretly follow the protection.

The guys who have read “Chen Qing” know that Wenning played by Yu Bin and the chasing of Zheng Fanxing. The performance of both of them is remarkable. Wen Ning, who has been following Wei Wushao, has finally got the person he wants to guard after he and his thoughts. He and the forgotten parting ways, guarding the side of the mind. Regarding the story of Wen Ning and Si Ching, everyone is looking forward to the movie “The Soul of the Love Story”!

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