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7 Important of extra option before reserve a new car

No matter what type of car you want to buy and seller are not different. But the important thing is that you should receive good quality of products. Because the dealer usually has limited in budget to arrange for special option or extra option for customer. As traditional of buying new car with some special deal will make buyer feel close to them. This is some lists that you might get when you reserve a new car.

  1. Car insurance. This option you should check the insurance company and type of car insurance when you want to claim and repair car that have to know that easy to claim and repair with coverage cost price.
  2. Optical film for cover car mirror. Make sure that the quality of film are same as you request and rape all car mirror if you want all side.
  3. Car accessories. For anyone who likes car styling then you should ask for accessories around the car as a gift. The accessories that you should check on brand or quality of them, too. Because they might give you on accessories copy that produced come from shop outside.
  4. Upholstery leather if upholstery make from leather. Many models of cars are still fabric cushion. Especially the lower versions which many people would like to change into upholstery leather. If receiving as extra option or add some little money then you should ask on leather material that use to cover the pattern.
  5. Other miscellaneous stuffs. Many items are usually inexpensive. You can purchased at the shop, general decoration or car dealer. But it was stuffed in preemption order to get on extra features such as door awnings, squeeze plates, sunshades, key chains, cushioning tires, door handles, etc., which are often unnecessary but sometime will feel better if you can make negotiate.
  6. Interest payment. When you buy new car and don’t want to use all of cash on one product then you will ask for interest. Depends on each person’s negotiation skills for getting less interest or zero interest.
  7. Cash discount or fuel coupon. That is necessary one for make new car become cheaper than retail price. If you can cut price down that will help reduce the burden on the day as well. You may negotiate to request a fuel coupon for the day as much as you want or you can get both of them on cash discount and fuel coupon.

The gift or extra option came with new car is not always good but the best way for choose new car and brand must look for quality, too. This will suitable for new car and improves the efficiency of the car.

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