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The Emperor of Medicine

The Emperor of Medicine (Novel)
Other Name: 穿越之医品皇妃 , Crossing Medicine Princess

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Xue Luo Wuhen
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Mu Qingying Canglanyuan is the protagonist in the book, a surgeon from the 21st century, and a member of a mercenary group. Excellent skill and cruel heart. But accidentally traveled to ancient times, opened it and found that the handsome Wang Ye appeared in front of him, he was obviously a genius doctor but was almost suffocated by the kiss…

Free Reading:
Mu Qingqi was taken aback, but when she thought of having her father and mother supported her, she still refused to give in, “I, when did I bully you, don’t spit people!”

“You admit it or not, it doesn’t make any difference to me, I will ask you to get it back!” Mu Qingying smiled Senhan and put his foot hard, “Yudong, I’ll give you another chance. After three calls, If you don’t do what I say, I will let you eat dog food every day!”

“Miss!” Yudong’s crying voice became hoarse, “Help me! Help me!”

It’s a pity that Mu Qingqi is too busy to take care of herself, so how can she take care of her.

Mu Qingwan’s scalp numb for a while, and she courageously shouted, “Mu Qingying, don’t mess around, I want to tell my mother and my second mother to see if you can escape punishment!”

Mu Qingying sneered silently and began to count, “One.”

Yudong’s body trembled like chaff, and even Missy couldn’t save her. What should I do? Seeing the imposing manner of Miss San, you must do what you say. Whether to eat dog food once today or eat it every day, everyone knows how to choose, right?


“Don’t…” Yu Dong gritted his teeth, embarrassed, helpless and frightened, “I, I eat…”

There were boos all around, even though I knew that Yudong was sorry for Miss San first, but this…

Mu Qingying retracted his feet, Yudong dared not play with his mind, obediently lay down, enduring nausea, and began to eat dog food on the ground bit by bit.

The pungent smell filled his mouth. After not taking two bites, Yudong covered his mouth and wanted to vomit.

“You spit it out and try.” Mu Qingying threatened with a temperatureless voice.

Yudong didn’t dare to try, crying lifelessly while continuing to eat.

Mu Qingqi was so sick that she was about to vomit, and she shouted at Mu Qingying angrily, “Mu Qingying, you, you lunatic! You, you…”

“Sister, what are you in a hurry? It’s your turn now.” Mu Qingying used his hand to grab the knife, “What you did to me is also very interesting!”

When the words fell, she threw the knife neatly and caught it. The handle of the knife was already in her hand, and the light of the knife flashed continuously, but the corners of the piece of clothing were flying, like falling flowers in the sky, very beautiful.

Mu Qingqi didn’t want Mu Qingying to be more beautiful than her. Naturally, she was bad for her reputation in every way. That time she actually put a snake in her bathtub while she was bathing.

Although it was a non-venomous snake, Mu Qingying in the previous life was still terribly scared. After she became stupid and didn’t understand the world, she ran out of the room naked and yelled, which shocked many people.

Fortunately, Pingyan appeared in time, hugged her, and pushed her back to the room, but many people still saw her invisible. After she woke up, she was embarrassed and furious when she learned about it. Come out and meet people.

Where did Mu Qingqi know that she would settle accounts after the fall, and when she reacted, the clothes she was wearing had been cut into countless pieces and flew out.

“What are you doing!” Mu Qingqi was taken aback by the chilly feeling all over her body. When she looked down, her brain made a bang, and she almost fainted… She had only a few rags left on her body, covering everything!

She was stupid, and everyone around her stayed, but no one moved.

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