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Supreme Mad Concubine Too Fierce

Supreme Mad Concubine Too Fierce (Novel)
Other Name: 至尊狂妃太凶猛

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yan Yuyao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Feng Chu Murong Zefeng, she is a genius and pervert of the new century, and by chance, the soul has passed on Miss Chai. Refining alchemy and poisoning, with one hand, the flesh and bones of the dead, make people retreat. But I don’t want to provoke a big evildoer…

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“Cheap Master, your old man sleeps long enough.” Feng Chu joked in a good mood. “Cheap apprentice, can’t you experience the soul body of Master! The most important thing is recuperation. The best recuperation is sleep. No way, it is deep sleep.” Gong Yan joked back happily.

“Master, I have always been there.” Suo Hun felt that his master seemed to have misunderstood him. As a sword spirit attached to the sword, he didn’t need to sleep, nor did he need to worry that he would dissipate. So it came out directly. It’s just that he is not completely awakened now, and the power he can exert is far less than before, but it’s okay to come out for a while.

I saw that he was noble and noble in his purple robe, and Feng Chu was ashamed of his skin and snow, and his eyebrows were picturesque, and he had a dazzling silver hair. A pair of beautiful eyes can’t wait to stick to him.

This is a beauty that is so beautiful that everything in the world seems to be overshadowed by his existence…

Feng Chu only wiped the corners of his mouth after he was full of his eyesight, and exclaimed, “Suohun, I didn’t expect to see you for a while, and you are beautiful again!”

“Master, you too, it’s getting more and more beautiful.” Suo Hun hooked his mouth, revealing an evil smile.

“Suohun, don’t laugh. A smile is fascinating. If you laugh again, it will be fascinating.” Feng Chu looked back. Fortunately, this kind of person is hers. Did she obediently surrender?

“Well, then I won’t laugh.” Suo Kun chuckled lightly, revealing the serious face of an iceberg handsome man.

“Suohun, you are too cute.” Feng Chu was stunned for a while, laughing so hard.

Gong Yan, who stayed in the source soul jade, was tickled with anger, and the guy Suohun took over his cheap apprentice! I’m so angry, but I can’t help him.

No, no, he has to cultivate his soul as soon as possible! Not seeing is clear, Gong Yan thinks it is better for him to sleep and recuperate.

Suo Hun felt a little inexplicable, and didn’t understand where Feng Chu’s smile was. In his opinion, there was nothing funny!

“Okay, okay, you should quickly change back to Suohun! I’m afraid you are too ostentatious like this.” Bingshan’s cute and cute look is really cute! How can there be such a cute boy in the world~

“Master, I’ve always been by your side.” Suo Yun said while looking at Feng Chu quietly.

“Hmm, I see.”

“I can protect the master at any time.” Suo Hun said again.

“Okay.” As soon as Feng Chu’s voice fell, Suo Hun disappeared in place.

“Wow… stupid woman, who was this beautiful man just now?” The little rat’s heart was plopping, his eyes were pounding, and his saliva flowed out like no money.

Fengchu: …she has forgotten the little spirit mouse.

“Little mouse, if I remember correctly, you should be a male?” Feng Chu reminded with a few black threads on his forehead, taking a cool glance at it.

“Stupid woman, don’t you understand it! Haven’t you heard of the same sex as true love! I’m sure I really love that beautiful man! God, how can there be such a beautiful boy in the world… “Little Lingshu didn’t hear Feng Chu’s words, and looked at the place where Suo Hun stood just now.

Because it was the first time I saw such a beautiful man, Little Lingshu almost forgot to breathe just now, and was immersed in the beauty. Before he could be familiar with the past, the beauties disappeared out of thin air…

With those affectionate eyes, you can see that Feng Chu has goose bumps all over his body. Damn, does this little rat want to have an interracial homosexual love?

“Little mouse, you are worried, Suohun is my person.” Feng Chu poked his head with his index finger to make him sober.

“Your person? Stupid woman, can you often see that beauty as long as I follow you?” The little Lingshu continued to ask, not dying.

If you can see beautiful men every day, it is not impossible for them to follow stupid women. Under the temptation of beauty, Little Spirit Mouse completely left his grandfather and little friends behind. As for the sadness of parting just now, he has long been thrown out of the sky.

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