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Splendid Pastoral: General, take a look!

Splendid Pastoral: General, take a look! (Novel)
Other Name: 锦绣田园:将军,劫个色!

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: gentleman
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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“Splendid Pastoral: General, take a look!” “Also known as “Splendid Pastoral: The Father Is Courteous”, a very wonderful and beautiful traversal novel. Yun Simi, Ben Yihan, the protagonist of the book, and he encounters regretful marriage, but accidentally crosses the walls of his family and his parents die. ‘S home…

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Ban Yihan’s wild roar drew Yun Simi and Yun Shuisheng’s responses. Although it was quiet, he heard it. It’s not that they can’t open this plank, but they don’t open it, for fear that this is just an illusion.

Ban Yihan seemed mad, he pushed away the sunspot who was supporting him, took a light leap, and arrived in front of the refuge room. This is obviously just a cellar, but Yun Simi likes to call it a refuge room. As soon as I opened the plank, I saw Yun Simi and Yun Shuisheng hugging each other tightly, his eyes were full of fear, and it was so distressing.

He fished out two people like chickens.

The sun shone on them, making Yun Simi who had been cold all night seem to be reborn!

“Big Brother Ben! Wow!”

Yun Simi hugged Ban Yihan tightly and kept tears. Originally, she wanted to hold back a little bit, just to let the tears vent, but when she saw Ban Yihan, everything she was strong and self-reliant all collapsed. . The reserved cry also turned into a loud cry.

Crying is contagious.

Yun Shuisheng also hugged Ban Yihan tightly, and started crying unscrupulously, especially when he encountered such a terrible thing again, his psychological defense line had reached its lowest level.

The two people hugged Ban Yihan on the left and right, and the sound was louder than the other. Even the sunspot next to him was excited at first, then distressed, and finally got headache, but Ban Yihan never moved. He was tight. Hugging two people tightly, as if hugging a treasure in the world.

The brothers and sisters have been crying long enough, even their voices are crying dumb!

“Brother Yihan, let them rest quickly to see if there is any injury!” Heizi really couldn’t stand it anymore, his ears were about to explode.

This said, suddenly awakened Ban Yihan, he quickly let go of the people, looked at them up and down, and asked again and again: “Are there any injuries? Are there any injuries?”

Yun Simi shook his head, wiped his tears, and said in a choked voice: “Big Brother Ben… we… almost… can’t see… you… Woo! Rhubarb… Dog… Woo…”

Her words were intermittent, and big tears were left behind. The feeling of escaping from the dead really made her so excited, there was no way to control her feelings!

“Okay… terrible!” Yun Shuisheng was also frightened, but his performance was like a ten-year-old child should behave.

“Brother Yihan, take them to you first, I am afraid I won’t be able to live here today.” Heizi suggested. Anyway, it’s time to shift their crying points. My ears have been suffering!

Ban Yihan nodded, and when he turned around, Heizi realized that his eyes were already scarlet. This made Heizi really startled. When did he ever see Ban Yihan’s affection?

“Let’s go, to my house.” Ban Yihan said, he was about to take the two away.

“Big Brother Ben…our…clothes are in…the refuge room.” Yun Simi couldn’t finish her words easily. Although she calmed down, her spirit was greatly impacted.

As soon as she said this, her eyes went dark, and people lost consciousness.

“Xiaomi!” Ban Yihan hugged her waist tightly, and his fingers immediately touched her pulse. He didn’t feel relieved that she knew she had fainted because of excessive shock.

“Sister, what’s the matter with you? Don’t leave me alone!” Yun Shuisheng looked at the fainted sister, very anxious, and started crying again.

“She’s okay, she’s just sleepy. Just sleep.” Ban Yihan said. He picked up the person sideways and strode towards his house.

“Heizi, you help them clean up their things.” He left this sentence, and the movements on his feet became faster. These skills are not shown in the ordinary days, but because of Yun Simi, he used it twice in a row.

“Okay! You still follow me!” Heizi grabbed Yun Shuisheng, who was about to follow, with one hand.

Yun Shuisheng looked at Heizi, and suddenly realized that he was also a man, and when his sister fainted, he should take responsibility. He nodded vigorously at Heizi, wiped away his tears, took the initiative to return to the refuge room, and packed his and sister’s clothes away.

When Kuroko entered the refuge room, his eyes were round, how orderly it was. Even the chickens and rabbits were brought in, not to mention the clothes and quilts.

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