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Rebirth of the Overlord: The Regent is Too Fierce

Rebirth of the Overlord: The Regent is Too Fierce (Novel)
Other Name: 重生霸宠:摄政王爷太凶猛

Genre: novel, travler
Author: wind and nature
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Gong Yimo Palace decides that she died tragically in her previous life. She was unexpectedly reborn and returned to the year when she was seven years old. She has not escaped from the palace. Lenggong childhood. In this life, she decided to practice her kung fu well, live the life she wanted to live, and be a person whoever she wants…

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To enter Zhaoyang Hall, you must pass the Sanchong Pass, Hanyue Pass, Qianlong Pass and Hezetian Pass!

At this time, when he crossed the palace river to reach Hanyue Pass, the sound of silk and bamboo over there was already faintly heard.

He ran straight in that direction. He ran so eagerly, so eagerly that even his lungs felt a burning sensation, and he was still urging himself, hurry up… hurry up!

A cold wind roared, but velvet rain fell from the sky to cover the sky. The entire palace was so big and magnificent, it looked solemn and indifferent under the darkness and palace lanterns.

Gong Sha was in it, like Ye running, racing between life and death.

However, he was stopped again.

This time, it seemed to be the same as before, the guard in the palace, but from their calm eyes, Gong Cai was secretly vigilant, this was definitely not an ordinary guard!

“The queen has a purpose, and those who enter without calling will be killed without mercy!”

The three cold words flashed a hostile spirit in Gong Ju’s eyes! Queen, she didn’t expect that she would stop herself! And these people will not show mercy to his men when they are instructed by the queen.

There are a full 15 people on the other side, and they are well-trained, enough to deal with a child!

But Gong Cho was not an ordinary child. He looked at the person in front of him and took a deep breath.

Without saying a word, he just raised the sword in his hand, and the blade trembled slightly, as if he was looking forward to drinking blood.

Come on, he will kill everyone who hinders him!

The two years when Leng Gong was left unattended as a child made his character become aloof and fierce! If he can kill 800 enemies, he doesn’t mind losing a thousand!

It was this fierce force, hand in hand, under the struggle, no one in the elite team of more than a dozen people could get close to him at a time!

The guards secretly were anxious, because they also got the secret order of Concubine Liu Xian, they must behead the nine princes here!

Gong Za originally wanted to deal with it carefully, but as long as he thought that Gong Yimo, who was far away in Lenggong, would be in danger, he would go crazy and could not control himself at all!

His sword is getting more and more handy, and his moves are getting more and more fierce! The feeling of cutting through the flesh and blood is really fascinating.

During the fight, he stared coldly at the brightly lit direction in the distance, a frightening chill flashed in his eyes!

Why, both are the princes, they can talk and laugh in the Golden Luang Hall, but he and the emperor can only shrink in the corner of the cold palace! Everything must be robbed by yourself, why!

At this time, his ink hair was flying, and his white clothes were stained with countless blood stains. From a distance, he looked like a flower in full bloom. He should have been a beautiful fairy boy like a Guanyin boy. At this time, a pair of Moyu eyes were full of bloodshot and murderous intent, like a sham. God-like!

Cut it off with a stab, and the hot blood sprayed half of his white jade face, and his originally tight lips showed a smile for no reason.

If this is the way he wants to go, for the sake of the emperor, he will definitely go down!

One day, whether it is the queen, the prince, or even the emperor, punishment or forgiveness will be between his thoughts!

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