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Chen Xing Xu 陈星旭 (Actor)

Chen Xing Xu (Actor)
Other Name: 陈星旭 / Chen Xing Xu / เฉิน ซิงซวี่ / Xing Xu / 九日(哥哥or弟弟) / 亮亮 / Oliver

Nationality: Chinese
March 31, 1996
Liaoning, Shenyang, China
1.85 cm
Weight: 7
6 Kg
Star sign:
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Central Academy of Drama
Official website:
Music group:

TV Drama Series:

  • Fall In Love (2021) as Tan Xuanlin
  • The Glory of Youth (2020) as Ouyang Jun
  • Love in a Fallen City (2020) as Yu Haoqing
  • The Best of Times (2020) as Li Yanfeng
  • Love in a Fallen City (2019, cameo)
  • Good Bye My Princess (Youku, 2019) as Li Chengyin / Gu Xiaowu
  • Legend of the Condor Heroes (Dragon TV, 2017) as Yang Kang
  • Qiu Hai Tang 秋海棠 (CCTV, 2007) as young Yuan Shaoheng
  • Shan Shan De Hong Xing 闪闪的红星 (2007) as Pan Dongzi
  • Lie Ri Yan Yan 烈日炎炎 (Sichuan TV, 2007) as Luo Liangku
  • Zai Sheng Yuan Zhi Meng Li Jun Zhuan 再生缘之孟丽君传 (ATV, 2007) as little Crown Prince
  • Jin Hun 金婚 (LeTV, 2007) as young Dabao
  • Ni Shi Wo De Sheng Meng 你是我的命 (2006) as young Tang Hao
  • Jiang Men Feng Yun 将门风云 (2006) as young Zhou Nanzheng
  • Cao Xue Qin 曹雪芹 (CCTV, 2003) as Liu’er
  • A Passionate Life 激情燃烧的岁月 (Beijing TV, 2001) as young Shi Hai

Movies Films:

  • Te Zhong Bing Wang 特種兵王之決不妥協 (2019) as Zhou Yang
  • A Chinese Ghost Story (2019) as Ning Caichen
  • Once Upon a Time (2017) as Li Yiguan
  • Beijing & New York (2015) as Shaonian Lanyī
  • Under the Hawthorn Tree (2010) as San’s Brother

Chen Xingxu was explored by a scout when he was 3 years old in the park, began to shoot advertisements, shot the first TV series at the age of 4, and achieved professional results in 2014. He was admitted to the Performance Department (Acting Department) of the Central Academy of Drama and graduated in 2018.

In 2016, starring in the costume martial arts TV series “The Legend of the Condor Heroes ” adapted from Jin Yong’s novel of the same name , Yang Kang, who plays smart and alert, is always fighting for strength. In 2017,he took part in the costume drama ” East Palace “, which was broadcast in 2019. He was praised as a book because he was close to the age and appearance of the original characters, and was good at eye-catching, delicate and rich performances as Li Chengyin.

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