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Rules of Zoovenia 不可思议的晴朗 Episode 23 Recap

He Xiaoqing regretfully rejected Grandpa Bi’s suggestion. She is very grateful to Grandpa Bi for his hard work, but she is unwilling to let this kindness become her emotional burden. Her love for Bi Zhanlang is unforgettable. Only when she becomes better can she be worthy of what she has in mind. That perfect Bi Zhanlang. After He Xiaoqing left, Bi Zhanlang walked out from behind. In fact, he had long expected that He Xiaoqing would not agree to Grandpa Bi’s suggestion, because he knew He Xiaoqing, the more he understood, the more he liked it.

He Xiaoqing came out from Grandpa Bi and walked aimlessly on the road, thinking back to Grandpa Bi’s arrangements for Bi Zhanlang. Thinking of Dongfang teacher’s suggestion to himself. Contradictions fill the brain. She wants to be with the one she loves, and she wants to be herself.

In class, Dongfang Yu found that the atmosphere between Bi Zhanlang and He Xiaoqing was not right, and thought they had quarreled. It turned out that both of them wanted to respect each other’s decision, but suddenly felt that there was a sense of distance between each other. This inadvertent change makes them seem to go further and further.

Obviously, he wanted to see each other, but Bi Zhanlang was entangled in work and entertainment, and couldn’t spare time to meet. They all felt that a lot of what they wanted to say reached their mouths but couldn’t say them. Thousands of words were turned into a good morning and a good night. Gradually, they didn’t dare to face each other in school. They knew that they could see each other just by turning around, but no one took the initiative to look back.

Seeing that He Xiaoqing’s emotions were not right recently, Ye Ye and her mother were always glum. He Xiaoqing saw Bi Zhanlang wandering downstairs through the bedroom window, tears streaming out uncontrollably. He Xiaoqing was considering breaking up with Bi Zhanlang, which made Ye Zi be puzzled. She didn’t understand why even Grandpa Bi had survived that level. She didn’t answer Ye Zi’s doubts, just wanted to be quiet for a while.

After receiving Bi Zhanlang’s message, she went downstairs, but she didn’t know what to say when she saw it, as if she had become the most familiar stranger. After a long silence, Bi Zhanlang offered to break up. He Xiaoqing pretended to be happy despite the pain in her heart. She is envious of Bi Zhanlang being able to live with her family, but she has left her parents since she was a child. She also thanked Bi Zhanlang’s family for their tolerance and care, but she did not want to bet on her future with love.

Bi Zhanlang never thought that he would take over the Bi’s Group. He just wants to live under the protection of his brother and his parents. He Xiaoqing’s appearance has changed him. He wants to use his ability to protect He Xiaoqing, and wants to be a responsible man. He Xiaoqing hopes that they will become better selves and become two independent souls to love each other.

Bi Zhanlang will go abroad next week. He hopes to break up peacefully and not delete each other’s contact information. Both pretending to be strong and bless each other. When He Xiaoqing turned and left, Bi Zhanlang could no longer control his tears. He told He Xiaoqing that he values ​​this feeling very much. He Xiaoqing didn’t want him to see her sadness and tears, and ran away.

Everyone came to the airport to see Bi Zhanlang farewell, but He Xiaoqing was not seen. Bi Zhanlang kept turning around and looking around, hoping to see He Xiaoqing, but finally failed. He Xiaoqing sat alone on the grass outside the airport and watched the plane Bi Zhanlang was flying into the sky. She bid farewell to Bi Zhanlang in her own way.

After Bi Zhanlang left, He Xiaoqing became even busier. She never thought that love was the whole life. In fact, she was still afraid that the gap she stopped would be uncontrollable, thinking about Bi Zhanlang.

Now Dongfang Yu and Qian An’er fight all day long. Zhu Xu was admitted to the university and received a scholarship. He gave half of the scholarship to Ye Zi and the other half to his grandmother. Ye Zi was very happy. Qiao Lingling also constantly participates in cross-school practice activities, looking like a capable woman.

Caiyin returned to her home company to work steadily, put away the previous edges and corners, and became gentle and calm. He Xiaoqing also went to the business district strategy department for an internship, and had a simple and fulfilling life.

Three years later, He Xiaoqing negotiated the project with the professor. She learned from the conversation between the professor and the partner that the distinguished guest she was going to see today turned out to be Bi Zhanlang. At the moment when he saw Bi Zhanlang, He Xiaoqing was still a little flustered, but Bi Zhanlang shook hands with her generously.

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