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Wihok Lhong Lom วิหคหลงลม (2018)

Wihok Lhong Lom
Other Title: วิหคหลงลม

Genres: Thai Drama, Thai Drama
Episodes: 16
Country: Thailand
Network: Channel 7
Release Date: February 17, 2018
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  • Sammy Chowewell as Varee Phanphirom / Nuan Nantong.
  • Kelly Thanapat as Mr. Phakdi Nopadonthewachat.
  • Kitt Kong Khamkrit as ML Pasakorn Apairat
  • Anasapa Panich
  • Sirin Kornkiat as Mr. Phornphirom Thewachat.
  • Thiravanit Nanthathada as Patarayot Alongkorn.
  • Kanyakorn Phinij as Darika Leethamskul
  • Karnaporn Phuangthong
  • Nusara Pradanana
  • Chaiyat Chittam
  • Chalermporn Phumpanwong as Panudit Thewachat.
  • Peerapol Permphet as ML Panurot Apairat.

Wichak Longluck is a Thai television drama that first aired in 2018, the song of Suri Thit, a television episode by Roeng Ruethai, directed by Dang Burapha, starring Sammy Khoewell, Kelly Thanapat, Ki W’s laugh echoes Krishna, Anas sports a new company created by actor limited video aired every Friday from 20:45 to 22:50 hrs.

Poomwaree is the daughter of a billionaire on Nakhon Pathom. She has a bad reputation because she always sneaks out to flirt with Passakorn, an unfortunate lord who lost his welth, ever since she was a student.

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